Brand guidelines

Consider these guidelines when preparing new Motii content to help us begin to establish a standardised way of walking and talking with our customers across all our channels. Consider this a 'living document' as styles and content will continue to develop overtime.


Motii is a positioned to be an antidote to the stuffy, rigid and 'numbers first' communications that typifies most legacy sales consultancies.

Motii is different - we're an agile, tech-enabled and people first organisation who understand that a smart-sales advantage isn't just about technology but also mindset, joined up experiences and the ability to move fast and challenge any assumption.

When creating products, marketing or experiences we should keep in mind the following principles when communicating with our audience:

Some principles:
We're straight talking but always human,
outcome orientated but with people at heart and
move at speed but with grace and purpose.


Motii colours are vibrant and contrast well against white. Yellows are good for primary calls to action whilst purples are good for framing content and drawing focus.

Motii Blue
Motii Sky
Motii Purple
Motii Thistle
Motii Yellow
Motii Gold


Motii currently employs two typefaces which can be used across digital and print. These typefaces are 'Sato' and 'Red Hat Display' which help communicate our feeling of being playful but also professional - elegant yet formal.

Heading Typefaces is Sato - 500 Medium

Body copy typface is Red Hat Display - Various weights


Use typeface hierarchy and style to give content structure, aid comprehension and create consistency across pages.

Heading 1

We are your Pipedrive experts

Heading 2

We are your Pipedrive experts

Heading 3

We are your Pipedrive experts

Heading 4

We are your Pipedrive experts

Heading 5

We are your Pipedrive experts


Use buttons to call out key calls to action for your audience. For example booking a call or submitting a form. Use contrasting colours to make button clear to see for your audience on any device.


Body copy usually sits on a white background unless used as call to action. Imagery when supporting a feature can sometimes layered on colour to give depth and draw focus.

System design and build

Time is money

We know the importance of speed. We get you operating quickly and efficiently. Logging on and using your new CRM system is the best way to learn.

  • Data cleaning and import

  • Design a personalised pipeline

  • Test and evaluate system

  • Training videos made on your system


Testimonials should be used to support content and quickly establish credibility, trust and build brand value.

"Motii have turned Pipedrive into a real estate weapon. By combining the right setup with custom reports, form and features we save hours a week and keep clients happy."
Craig Morrison
Town Group
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Call to action

Call to actions should be consistent across pages and used to provoke a user action, usually at the end of pages or content sections.

It's time to turbo charge your sales experience

As Pipeline instalation experts Motii has worked with clients from around the world and across all industries with experience in SaaS, IT, Real Estate, Financial Services, Business Services, Hospitality, Retail and Wholesale, Education, Health and more.

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