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​We take a unique and proven approach to setting up real estate companies in Pipedrive. We give the power to the agents, providing visibility and clarity every step of the way.

Real Estate has traditionally been a difficult industry for CRMs to handle. There are three parties to every transaction, rather than the traditional two. In addition to this, there are buyer's agents, seller's agents, commercial agents, land and house buying specialists, who buy then resell the property on a high-turnover, low-margin approach.  Motii has worked with them all, and Pipedrive is the solution. Below we combine the different challenges of some of the multiple real estate companies we have worked with across the US, Europe and Australia.


Real estate agents are one of the busiest salespeople around. They need a system that helps them view urgent tasks at a glance, saves handling information twice and is efficient while on the road. Dealing with a high number of clients means having processes in place where smaller details are not forgotten in a system that is completely customised for their style of sales.


Pipedrive's Gold Plan with email integration, calendar sync, templates. Pipedrive pulls everything together into one customised system, delivering the information our clients need at a glance. Providing transparency for knowledge-sharing and training, and taking care of the little things so that agents can focus on the sale.​


Our Pipedrive clients were able to create a personalised CRM to meet their individual needs. And this software was simple and intuitive enough to get started immediately.  The rewards were saving time (not losing it by using complex software), communicating with more customers on a daily basis, and having systems in place to allow them to focus on sales and growth of their business.

The JustCall integration changed the way we work. The ability to call and SMS directly out of Pipedrive is game changing for our productivity and record keeping. The phone calls and SMSs are recorded directly against the contact in Pipedrive. Brilliant.

- Jen, Zech Buys Houses

Double handling

Following up a client for the 3rd time? Answering the same question about a house for the 10th time? As a busy agent, you don’t have time to waste on writing the same email over and over. Pipedrive Templates lets you write it once, save it, then automatically merge the name, email address etc. in the future so that you can connect with twice as many contacts in a day. And when you are on the road, enter your notes directly into the app so you don’t have to try and remember later the little things that make a big difference.

Slipping through the cracks

The only way to convert is to engage with the prospect. Build that relationship and be there when they are ready to sell. To maximise your relationships, you need to check in frequently, catching up, providing ideas and sharing potential properties with clients. You need the right information, at the right time, at your fingertips. And you need to be doing all that for as many of the right clients as possible.

​One catch: You’re only human. But that is why equipping yourself with the right tools and using them effectively is what makes you superhuman. Pipedrive has activity alerts, reminder emails and even calendar sync to ensure you know where you need to be even if you don't have Pipedrive open.

​Pipedrive is an activities-based CRM. This means that when people focus on what they can control, they’re more productive. They do more of the things that ultimately lead to the sale.


You do things differently to them. That is your point of difference.  You need the ability to completely customise the data fields, pipelines, automations and workflows to give you tailor-made CRM. Then you need to be able to change things when you think of a better way, all of this is possible with Pipedrive. And it’s easy.

Then what about those ‘other systems’ you have been using for years that you want to also keep using? Lucky you. Pipedrive is designed to work seamlessly with other software, including Gmail/Microsoft, Slack, Panda Docs for signing contracts or Autopilot for sending promotional postcards or creating nurture campaigns. It also has an open API for other software that doesn’t have a native integration. Just ask us: we’ll either make it work or tell you what does.

Pipedrive's activities remind me of all the little things I need to do each day. And the little things matter."
-  Jacqueline, Realista

A need to visualise what is Urgent

Treating all columns in a sales pipeline equally is a difficult but important skill.  You might be about to close three deals, but if the start of the pipeline is empty, you’ll suffer in a few months.

​Pipedrive does an incredible job at presenting this information to you beautifully. At a glance, you’ll see at which stage any deal is, whether you have enough deals on the board to achieve your goals, the possible value of each stage, and which deals need your attention now.

The insights on these pipelines will make obvious the steps of the process that need improvement, and indicate what your earnings can be.

Pipedrive has a great native and Zapier integrations which means if I like a software I can probably make it work with Pipedrive. Having the choice of what is in your tool kit is important. So far we've linked Click2Mail, Avochato, JustCall, Websites CMSs and more.  All of my data sits in a central vault, Pipedrive is the key.

- Brent, Zech Buys Houses

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Motii has worked with Real Estate agents in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia

Realista Real Estate
Real Estate
Company size:
4 to 10 employees
Key features:
Mobile app, file & pipeline customisation, email templates, workflow automations, activity alerts, calendar sync, Zapier, telephony (incl SMS), automated marketing.
"With Motii's help we were able to dramatically decrease the complexity of our Pipedrive setup by merging many pipelines and looking at things from another angle. They strive to find the easy way to do things by removing complexity and thinking a few steps ahead."
Shanti Bedard
Marketing Director
Exit Advisory
Sydney, Australia

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