The Bucha of Byron

The Bucha of Byron is a kombucha company based in iconic Byron Bay, Australia. The company manufactures and distributes Australia’s best kombucha from their Byron brewery to national and soon to be international clients. The Bucha, as the business is affectionately known, currently makes four amazing non-alcohol flavours and have recently added two alcohol kombucha offerings, which are standard premium kombucha mixed with premium locally sourced spirits.

The Bucha is approaching 1,000 clients across Australia and currently has its own reps on the road, along with having distribution agreements with third-party logistics companies.   Its main clients are all of the hospitality industry standards: bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, cafes, QSRs and more. Clients order at least monthly and usually order via the third-party logistics partners.

And herein lies the challenge for The Bucha. It needs to get that third-party logistics data in front of their own reps so when they visit a venue, they have the latest ordering data and delivery information so they can have an informed conversation with the venue manager. In addition to this, The Bucha communicates with venues via phone calls, SMS, monthly newsletters and automated email marketing campaigns. All of these communications need to be in a central location.

As The Bucha grew rapidly, and to meet the growing demand for its products, the company needed a better way to organise client records and to target sales opportunities. “Our previous system made it difficult to track client conversations, sales prospects and files,” said Paul Tansley, Founder at The Bucha of Byron. “Where Motii and Pipedrive really helped was by bringing clarity and visibility to everything we do. And everything our partners do. With Motii’s help, we are much more comfortable scaling the business. They just give you that confidence."


The Bucha needed a system that could streamline the sales process and deliver a 360-degree view of each customer relationship. Management needed to have easier access to venue numbers, orders and clients who were ‘at-risk’ (had not ordered in the last month).  Sales reps needed to know, in real-time, when the venues had last ordered, what they ordered and what the previous communications have been.


Motii identified that The Bucha needed a multi-pronged approach:

  • Data from an external analytics program needed to be surfaced in Pipedrive.
  • A telephony integration was required to ensure all communications - no matter whether email, phone, SMS or marketing - are recorded inside Pipedrive.
  • Productivity needed to be increased so that the Bucha could continue to grow at pace without having to hire or train many reps.
  • Marketing needed to be automated so that clients and prospects each had their own unique and meaningful interaction with the Bucha. But, at the same time, it needed to be linked to Pipedrive so that when they need to talk to a Bucha rep, they are there for them at the right time.  


Leveraging Pipedrive’s workflow automation along with Zapier, Motii was able to surface the third-party logistics data in Pipedrive, providing The Bucha reps with easy access to the information they need. This innovation results in the team being able to have an informed conversation with venue managers.​

Motii integrated JustCall and Pipedrive, enabling all communications to be centrally tracked so managers and reps have a clearer picture of the venues.

Autopilot was integrated with Pipedrive. As soon as a prospect indicated interest, a Deal is created in Pipedrive for the relevant Bucha rep.

And Motii was able to squeeze every last drop out of Pipedrive system so that the Activities, emails, the creation of Deals, closing clients and coordination between third-party logistics and The Bucha was automated and maximised, resulting in The Bucha doing more, with less reps and a much lower salary overhead.

Separate pipelines

The Bucha runs three separate pipelines, one for standalone venues, one for national accounts targeting large hospitality chains and one for the alcoholic kombucha prospects. By separating out the high-value targets into the national accounts pipeline, The Bucha is able to provide special care to these high-value chains.

It has freed up new capacity in the sales process for the reps looking after smaller venues and the managers targeting larger chains. “National accounts are crucial for us and because of that, we have a more hands-on sales process. So with Motii’s help, we have created separate pipelines with specific prospect journeys for each type of potential client,” Tansley said.

360-degree view of each relationship

Pipedrive and Motii has changed the company’s approach to venue information. “Before Pipedrive, client information was all over the place,” Tansley said. “Motii and Pipedrive has coalesced it all for us, giving our team the tools to become better reps. They are able to cultivate closer and more meaningful relationships with our clients because the information is easier to access. They all find it hugely empowering.”​

Productivity through integration

Pipedrive’s native integrations with Justcall and Autopilot have been incredibly helpful for The Bucha. “We like that Pipedrive works so well with Autopilot and JustCall. The fact that the integrations are almost plug-and-play is awesome. And the teams at both companies are brilliant to deal with. I can’t imagine life without either system, and I don't know how we did it all beforehand,” Tansley said.​

Even something seemingly so simple as the integrated email on the PIpedrive Gold Plan  Gmail captures key correspondence with minimal effort. “Insightly’s Gmail integration has become a very important tool for our business,” Tansley said. “Account and sales team members can stay focused on adding value instead of keying in information.”


With Bucha having just experienced a period of rapid growth but with the real major growth phase planned, laying the foundations for this coming growth has been vital for Bucha management. “Pipedrive is perfectly suited to what we want. We needed a CRM that our sales reps will actually use. We needed something that is customisable, extremely powerful and adaptable.

Pipedrive makes doing all the small things easy,” Tansley said. “Most importantly with Motii and Pipedrive we have future proofed the business through making ourselves infinitely scalable. Given what we have planned for The Bucha, that is the most important thing.”

"We now have big business efficiency on a small-business budget."

Paul Tansley, The Bucha of Byron

The Bucha of Byron
B2B Sales
Company size:
10 to 20 employees
Key features:
Workflow automations, Zapier, email templates, telephony, automated marketing, multiple pipelines, data surfacing, dashboard reports ​
"The fact that they have an office in SE Asia was a big plus, and though we know Pipedrive well we needed specialised training. By automating manual tasks we were able to improve productivity. The engagement was a big success and came in on budget. If you want to get the most out of PIpedrive use Motii."
Toine Vaessen
Payroll Panda
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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