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Town Group


  • Town group is a fast-growing agency based in Queensland, Australia
  • They specialise in prestige properties and development projects 
  • They need a system that covers both standard residential sales as well as handling large scale projects 


  • Natively Pipedrive struggles with certain aspects of real estate. Motii provide the solution.
  • Town required vendor reports 
  • The system needed to be built for growth 
  • New staff needed to be onboard in hours not weeks 
  • Staff KPIs need to be easily measured and available to management at the click of a button 
"The current system is specifically tailored to our needs, which in return creates more sales seamlessly. Having workflows, processes and a dashboard that tracks KPIs and performance in one system is absolute gold. The reporting information we can send to the vendors is vital in us getting results. Whether it's us educating the vendor on price or realising our enquiries are coming from a specific source that we can target.
Motii are truly the experts. They will listen to your goals and objectives and make them a reality. As technology is rapidly evolving so will your CRM with the Motii team." Jamie Vibert, Town Group


  • Create simple reports and dashboards covering each aspect of real estate: listings, residential sales, projects and settlements
  • Use Pipedrive forecast view to provide management with accurate settlement figures and the resulting commission amounts 
  • Motii created beautiful automated vendor reports that can be accessed by vendors, days and night, providing them with all the details they need to know that Town Group is doing the right job with their listing 
  • Refine and standardise custom field options so that they are suitable for the real estate industry 
  • Provide training on a teams basis including live sessions and video-based training manual 
  • Add JustCall telephony integration for easy bulk SMS and more visibility of client communication 


  • A real estate CRM built specifically for Town’s unique needs
  • The system is infinitely scalable and be built for growth 
  • 5 dashboards with more than 50 reports that break down every aspect of the business 
  • Motii created custom pipelines that allow Town group to use Pipedrive’s visual sales process to handle high volumes of leads

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Company profile

Town Group

Queensland, Australia
Real Estate and Property Development
Company size
5 to 10 employees
Key features
Workflow automations, Motii Wizard, Uploader, Downloader, Telephony, Automated marketing, Autopilot, Vendor Reports, Internal Sales Reports, Dashboards

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