After project implementation and getting to know your new system, there are always fresh ideas, updates, new features, new filters and additional fields to be created. ​Perhaps you've thought about more automations to make, or tweaks to the existing ones.

Plus, you want to organise onboarding training for your new employee and additional training for current team to ensure system compliance and data integrity. ​For this, Motii offers monthly support packages that ensure you get the best service at the best price. ​

You get a set amount of hours per month at a discounted rate, giving peace of mind that your system is always up to date, your staff are correctly trained and Pipedrive is being used as planned.​ Plus, your system and staff are kept up to date with all the latest features.

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Support by Motii

The best bits

CRM support is a lifeline for you in your time of need. No matter the error or issue, Motii will minimise downtime and get you back in business faster. Get your business back up and running faster. Instead of attempting it yourself, or looking at endless how-to wikis, we can provide you with a quick response to the fix you need while you continue with business

  • Lower hourly rate & Priority assistance

  • Out of hours assistance for emergencies

  • Monthly health check reports

  • You have access to a team of experts who know your software systems & business processes in detail

  • Early access to new features

Futureproof Pipedrive

Onboard new features at a fraction of the cost

By being a Motii support member you not only get premium support for emergency fixes, but you also get all of your Pipedrive future work at the lower hourly rate.

The Motii support package includes live employee training and system health checks. These reports are often used as guides in Monthly Management meetings.

Learn how to hook up native integrations, educational sessions on features, receive regular tips and tricks on using Pipedrive to your advantage. ​

PLUS, all future projects with Motii (outside regular support tasks) will get a Support Member discount rate based on their membership

Support by Motii

So what is included?

  • Access to support and upgrades when you need it

  • Weekend emergency support

  • Your overall system health check and a monthly report

  • External Integration health checks

  • Check, create and review reports and dashboards

  • Keep your video training manuals up to date

  • Onboarding for new employees

  • Advanced duplicate merging and removal

  • Suggest and implement new features

  • Motii feedback on system usage

  • Support for existing Zapier integrations

  • Import new data & export data

  • Take full advantage of all the Pipedrive features including; Leadbooster, documents, Marketing Automation, Insight reports and dashboards

  • Plus, learn more about and implement native integrations like; Xero, Asana, MailChimp and more

"It fits our needs perfectly. The very best. Thanks Motii! Best. Product. Ever!"
Mark Murphy
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