• Ben Fuller

Relationship Selling with Pipedrive

Why Pipedrive is the best CRM for relationship selling

Are you winning at relationship selling?

What is relationship selling?

Relationship selling is when you sell yourself, not your product. Sure your product will always be an element of every sale you make but when you take the focus away from the price and performance of the product and put it on the interpersonal relationship you have with the client, that is relationship selling.

It is all about building a understanding between you and the client and creating an environment of mutual respect.

This is why Pipedrive is the absolute best CRM for relationship selling. As with any relationship, staying in touch, saying the right things at the right time and being there when the person on the other-side of the equation needs you, is vital.

Pipedrive allows you to achieve this better than any other CRM because it is an Activities based CRM. Activities are Pipedrive's superpower. The sheer simplicity of Pipedrive and the focus on Activities means less touchpoints with clients fall through the cracks.

Pipedrive's new Contacts Timeline is another boon for relationship selling. It uses simple visuals to show you who has been neglected.