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Insights (Beta)

This is the first of a series of posts that will cover the new Pipedrive features that were released in in August and continuing on through September and October 2019. Motii has now been hands on with the new features for a a little while and we'll cover the good and the bad here.

Insights is Pipedrive's new dashboarding tool. It is configurable, a bit pretty and has a lot of potential.

I'd go so far as to say that Insights is perhaps the biggest leap forward Pipedrive has taken over the last 12 months. The vision is brilliant and the execution has been well handled. The feature is still in Beta and still a bit buggy (four weeks after release) but the product and engineering teams have done a fantastic job.

Don't get me wrong here - there's plenty I'd change. But it is in Beta Pipedrive is in the process of building something special here.

The good:

Beautiful dashboards. It looks good. The colour and design is there.

The reports are easy to configure and intuitive to build. Anyone with a semblance of an idea when it comes to dashboarding and reports will not have any trouble building what they need.

Ease if use - Pipedrive has done a great job here. Building reports is simple. The interface is intuitive and does what is you expect it to

The bad:

It is still buggy. It crashes for me every second or third session and some reports are especially prone to falling over.

You cannot share dashboards - even amongst Admins. This also applies to the standard dashboards in Pipedrive but it is disappointing that this wasn't conceived straight off the bat.

You can only report on Deals. There is nothing in there for People or Organisations.

The future:

Insights is going to be one of Pipedrive's most important features moving forward. It puts business critical data in the hands of people who need, in a super-accessible way. As mentioned it is only in Beta - and the best is yet to come.

"I don’t think you realise what a positive effect these changes have on our family lives due to the reduction of stress, you have made us very happy."
Jacqueline den Uil
Marbella, Spain

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