• Ben Fuller

Leads - a major change to Pipedrive

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

In the image above you can see where Leads will be displayed within the system.

In December 2019 or January 2020 Pipedrive will begin rolling out a major new feature - Leads.

In Pipedrive language Leads are contacts which have been pre-qualified but are not yet Deals. But deserve more attention and scrutiny than standard contacts in your system.

Where could Leads come from? Well, anywhere really. An example could be new sign-ups to your e-newsletter. They could be automatically added to Pipedrive as a Lead from Autopilot or MailChimp. These new leads are potentially Deals but until we full qualify them we won't know. They could have signed up to your newsletter because they are genuinely interested in buying your product or they could be an existing customer just adding themselves to your mailing list.

Why has Pipedrive created Leads? There are a few reasons.

  • They allow you to keep your pipeline and deal statistics clean

  • You can store your pre-qualified leads in a separate location than your existing deals (after all they're different things)

  • It is common for companies to have separate teams working qualified and pre-qualified leads

So how would you further qualify a Lead in an effort to turn them into a Deal? This will be different for every business but maybe your team begins by researching their suitability for your product or service. An example of a criteria for qualifying a lead could be:

  • They are in an industry that is suited to your solution

  • They seem have the budget for you solution

  • They have the authority to make a decision (are they senior enough?)

  • They are based in the geographic area in which you sell to

The nice thing about leads is that they will make for cleaner data. Instead of you spoiling your conversion rates by dumping a whole bunch of new Deals into the system that should never have been Deals in the first place (in another country, not suited to your industry, wrong contact details etc), they can be created as Leads.

So, how do Leads get created? In a similar way to how Deals are created. They can be created from a contact, imported in bulk, by clicking a Add Lead button or can be created via LeadBooster.

How do they differ from a Person in Pipedrive? Again, in a similar way that Deals do. A Person is the human you interact with. A Deal is a process transaction you take the Person through. A Lead is a status effectively equivalent to a 'pre-deal'. Something you want to keep separate from Deals as while you may have (say) 30 Deals going at any one time - you might have hundreds of Leads being pre-qualified before they become Deals.

In the image above you can see how you can click on any lead to bring up their information in a pop-up panel on the right-hand side of the screen. This pop-up has an area to leave notes, assign a label, enter any contact details, and the option to delete the lead or convert the lead to a deal. 

Once they are created they can then be qualified and once qualified, converted from a Lead into a Deal in Pipedrive. This is as simple as a click of a button. For those of you with specialists lead generation/lead qualifying and separate closing sales teams, this is going to make your life much easier.

But the change will benefit everyone by bringing clarity to the status of of a contact. No longer will new lists of potentials get buried in filters. And for those individuals who are dealing with hundreds and hundreds of open Deals in their pipeline - your life is about to get much easier.

We already know of one team who is going to be changing their operation to take advantage of this change. They are a successful real estate organisation who generate hundreds of leads per month. But their gun sales people are often stuck chasing down leads with incorrect contact details or who are never going to buy - tyre-kickers.

In the new world of Pipedrive Leads, they are going to push all their leads into the new Leads feature - give them to am outsourced outbound team who is responsible for a quick call to qualify them and check their contact details. They will then have the outbound team hand them over to the appropriate sales person. This type of operation is now going to be much easier to manage. And importantly much easier to report on.

Here is a Pipedrive wiki page outlining the new feature. If you have any questions about Leads please contact us here at Motii: hello@motii.co