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Why Motii?

Success today requires more than just a CRM.
Motii is a Real Estate growth platform created for high-value sales, customised uniquely to your team and powered by Pipedrive: the world's leading visual, easy to use CRM.
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How it works

Tailored to You
Created by Motii
Powered by Pipedrive

Motii has been designed from the ground up to be your complete, easy-to-use and seamless sales solution.

Together, we customise each Motii platform instance uniquely to your Real Estate business, unlocking your next level of sales success.



This is the new way to work

The future of sales performance is enabled by visual sales pipelines, automated workflows and all powered by Pipedrive - the world's easiest to use CRM.


Success is in one experience

Save time with a centralised communication system that speeds up your sales cycle using a cutting-edge mobile app.


Simply close more sales

Never lose a lead with vendors, buyers, emails, SMS's and data all synced in one easy to manage location.


Pick-up and play usability

Time is money. So we get you up and running in days (not months) with transparent costs and a no - bull implementation plan.


Maximum process efficiency

Motii is designed and tuned for your real-estate teams to optimise their time and tasks in order to close more deals.


Continously Improve your business

Motii university is a range of results-backed, flexible, one-on-one online training and courses that are road tested to help level up your team.

"The current system is specifically tailored to our needs, which in return creates more sales seamlessly. Having workflows, processes and a dashboard that tracks KPIs and performance in one system is absolute gold. The reporting information we can send to the vendors is vital in us getting results. Whether it's us educating the vendor on price or realising our enquiries are coming from a specific source that we can target.
Motii are truly the experts. They will listen to your goals and objectives and make them a reality. As technology is rapidly evolving so will your CRM with the Motii team."

Jamie Vibert
Town Group
Sunshine Coast, QLD 

Visual CRM

Still CRM partying like it's 1999?

Bring your Real Estate business into the future with Motii's fully customised and kick ass system that is visual and easy to use.

Powered by

Sales automation

Work smarter - not harder.

Automate your time-consuming marketing and sales tasks and re-focus your time on what matters most.

Sales integrations

Partner plug-ins, at your service.

Curated for property performance and evolving constantly, our library of partner plug-ins are designed to give you the edge.

Training and support

We create Real Estate rock stars

Live training and 24/7 access to the Motii University where easy to consume content is designed for no nonsense professional growth

"We had a complex set up, migrating from an existing Real Estate CRM to Pipedrive. We are not typical Real Estate agents so our processes were unique. The fact that they know our industry means they understand all the little things can make a difference and can also mean tens of thousands of dollars. Motii are dependable, responsive and forward-thinking."

Brent Bowers
Zech Buys Houses LLC
& Vacant Land of the Free
Colorado Springs, USA


We believe CRM is no longer enough. Motii exists to instil performance culture through technology and training that produces revolutionary sales experiences and makes your business unbeatable.

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Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

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Amber Holmes

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What is Motii?


Motii is a Real Estate specific CRM built on top of Pipedrive - the world’s easiest to use CRM. We have made changes to the standard Pipedrive so that it works for your industry. We also partner with some of the best in breed marketing, telephony, reporting and signing platforms to provide a seamless Real Estate experience. Motii is Real Estate that is powered by Pipedrive

Who is Motii?


Motii is a fast growing team founded by Real Estate and technology professionals Ben Fuller and Amber Holmes. You can find out more and discover who's who  in the Motii zoo over on our company page.

Is Motii available in my country or region?


Motii is customised for Real Estate for the European, North American, Australia and Asian markets

Where is Motii based?


Motii services North American, Europe and Asia from our Australian headquarters. But we have support and development staff in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Can I import data from my current CRM?


Yes. This is one of the main tasks Motii performs for our clients during the implementation phase. Our experienced team of data ninjas takes your data and transforms it into something of beauty inside Pipedrive  

How long does a Motii implementation take?


Implementation times can vary. For a simple plug-and-play for a small business it can be as quick as 48-hours. Large teams of 50+ with a CRM-to-CRM data migration can take 2 weeks to a month (including training)

Is Motii a Pipedrive company?


Motii is a private company and a Pipedrive Elite-Level Partner. We are separate from Pipedrive and offer the the Pipedrive product as our core-solution. But Motii has changed and tailored Pipedrive specifically for the Real Estate, business broking and investing/wholesaling markets

How long has Motii been operating?


Motii has been running since 2017 and since then has serviced hundreds of clients worldwide. From teams of one to multi-locations teams of 100+ we have experience across all types of Real Estate.

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