Why Pipedrive? 

Get organized and keep everyone focused on the activities that drive deals to close.

The team at Motii has used a lot of CRMs. From Dynamics to Salesforce to Hubspot, Zoho, Streak, bespoke and VTiger plus more. But there is a reason we only use Pipedrive. 

But first, ask yourself this, why do CRM implementations fail at organisations? Why do companies end up chucking one CRM for another, only to face different, but similar, issues? 

The reason is not what you think. It's not that the newly installed sparkly CRM can't do what the business needs it to. They almost all can. 

It is human error. Well, not really error but, lack of giving a sh*t. Lack of doing the small things that matter. 

The biggest battle for any CRM is winning over the humans that use it. And not just initially, or when they feel like it or at the end of the week in a quick catchup session. 

It is all day every day. 

The reason Pipedrive is so god damn good is that it doesn't feel like using a system. It is like you've got your own personal PA. A super virtual assistant who does the bulk of the work for you. Someone there to sweat the small things for you. 

PIpedrive constantly ranks at the top of industry scorecards for ease of use. In the 2018 Info-Tech CRM industry report it ranked no.1 with a score of 93% for Usability and Intuitiveness. 

Pipedrive has been classed as a ‘Leader’ by Software Advice in FrontRunners Quadrant, powered by Gartner Methodology, in the CRM Software category. The FrontRunners analysis is a data-driven assessment identifying products in the CRM software market that offer the best capability and value for small businesses.

Most importantly, Unlike other sales CRM software, Pipedrive directly addresses traditional barriers to success – firstly, the tool is quick and simple to adopt, and secondly, it is totally customisable to mirror the reality of a sales team’s offline sales processes.


Stop deals falling through the cracks, eliminate manual work and see ten steps ahead. 

The 7 most compelling reasons to use Pipedrive 

No.1 - Ease of Use

Consistently ranked easiest to use CRM

No.2 - Visualize sales

An effective, visual sales pipeline, view conversation history, calls & notes in one location 

No.3 - Stop deals slipping

Visual activity alerts, reminder emails and calendar Sync with Google & Outlook

No.4- Automate manual work

Call tracking, workflow, email & task automation ·

No.5 - Reports & Dashboards

See results at a glance

No.6 - Customize and connect

A fully customisable CRM system with open and friendly API

No.7 - Top Rated Mobile App

Don't miss a beat, always have your information at your fingertips