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Pipedrive CRM

Business Broking is a unique industry. Choose a CRM that's tailored to you, optimised by Motii & powered by Pipedrive

A CRM solution that allows you to focus on what's important. Get more listings and close more deals with Motii's custom Pipedrive business broking CRM that gets results.

Why Pipedrive?


Manage leads and deals

Full visibility of your prospective listings and current Buyers. Pipedrive's visual CRM is a broker's dream.


Track communications

Track calls, emails and contact history automatically. See your full communications history in one place.


Automate and grow

Use Pipedrive's artificial intelligence automations to eliminate repetitive tasks and scale your business better.


Insights and reports

Custom vendor reports that deliver live metrics to your vendors. Show them how hard you're working without lifting a finger.


Mobile apps and integration

Have full access to Pipedrive on the road with their market-leading mobile app.


Privacy and security

Cutting-edge security means your clients' sensitive documents are safe and secure.


Pipedrive Customisation

We tailor Pipedrive for business brokers

Motii is changing the way business brokers work. Our bespoke Pipedrive API calls means the system works for your unique industry. We upgrade Pipedrive so that owners and prospects can be linked to multiple businesses. Something Pipedrive doesn't do natively. This is just one of several modifications Motii makes that redefines brokerage technology.

Pipedrive  update via phone notification showing deals won and  pending for follow up

Tailored CRM 


Sell more, more easily

Take a systemised approach to selling that is scaleable. Too many brokerage firms struggle to grow beyond key staff. Motii gives you the freedom to grow while maintaining quality and service levels.


Powerful vendor reports

Track calls, emails and contact history exactly where you need to, and have full visibility and control of your schedule.


Listings uploader

Motii's integration with listings portals saves time and money. Upload a single business listing to multiple portals using the data already in Pipedrive.


Workflow Automations

Scale your business without the waste

Put frequent tasks on autopilot while ensuring your brand and levels of service are consistent. Growing need not be a pain. Adopt the Motii system and see the results.

Common automation


Automate deal flow

Once you've got that listing agreement signed, sit back and relax while Motii adds it to your stocklist, updates the business status and gets you ready to sell.


Automate email & SMS

Using Motii's telephony partners, you can send bulk SMS to interested parties. Or email the 'most likely' buyers the minute a listing hits the market.


Automate and grow

Ensure your brokers send the right email or document at the right time and never miss a date. Don't let opportunities slip through the cracks.



Our partner integrations are hand-picked to optimise your selling experience

From telephony to marketing automation and digital signing tools, we can talk you through the best options to make your business better.

Popular integrations

Calls & SMS

Just Call

A flexible cloud-based phone system for your sales and support teams that is integrated so that you can see your entire communication history with a client in one spot.

Project management

Create complex project management workflows for your teams, empowering you to plan, run, and track projects, processes, and everyday work.

PandaDoc digital signing software logo
Document signing


The easiest way to send, receive and manage legally binding electronic signatures. Get mobility, reliability, and ease of use you need to digitally transform your business.

Motii Wizard API Client logo
pipedrive api client

Motii Wizard

The Moti Wizard is an API client built by Motii. It allows you to customise Pipedrive to your exact requirements without lengthy and costly development work. With the Wizard the hard work is done.

Password Management


The top password manager & safe vault because we believe in your security. Logins are needed quickly + safely. And for you your passwords will always be remembered - Bonus!



A 'no-code' integration tool that allows two or more apps to talk to each other, automating repetitive tasks or pushing data from one place to another. It is like the internet's glue!

We Exist to Make Selling Successful

Motii exists to help your business scale-up and thrive. Our team are passionate about diving deeply into your business and developing customised solutions. We then provide specialised training and support to ensure company-wide adoption and project success.

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"Ben and his team took our complex systems and simplified them while driving adoption across our worldwide team. The Motii live training sessions and video-based training manuals ensured immediate and long-term success. They understand the payments industry and added value to every step of the process."

Adel Shanin, ‍Novatti Group Melbourne, Australia