Why Sales Operations?

At Motii we know that a high quality 'Sales Operation' is the difference between good and great business results.

Sales ops are about providing best-practice sales workflows, automation and retention techniques that create a friction-free selling experience and drive recurring revenue.

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What we do

Identify & Outreach

Generate more leads that convert easier

Lead generation is often a numbers game - which is why a prioritised approach to cold or warms leads is key. A successful outbound strategy depends on a clear prioritisation strategy. Your outreach specialists need to be well-coached with prioritisation based on your businesses requirements.  Measuring success and failure is critical in this pipeline as conversions rates are low and incremental improvements can make a huge impact over time.

Inbound Activities & Benefits


Outreach training

Outreach is often a mix of cold outreach via email, LinkedIn and phone calls mixed with warm outreach using the same methods but with a referral or connection that links you to the target.


Software for better leads

There are a plethora of amazing tools available to assist with outreach including Rocket Reach, Lusha, Crystal Knows Zoom Info and more.


Tailor Pipedrive for outreach

Leads should only be Won when your qualification criteria is met. This way, you sales team are not wasting their time trawling the web to try to qualify leads and instead are focusing on what they are good at which is closing deals.

2. Nuture & Convert

Automate your system to close leads faster

Sales specialists need to take a methodical and analytics approach to their sales. Activities based selling when supported by well-crafted content delivered at the perfect  moment is how to get the most out of your sales team and maximise the value of leads.  Leads should be delivered by your outreach teams with high-priority targets clearly identified. You need to be able to measure success and failure and the shorter the sales cycle the better the data.

Conversion Activities & Benefits


Workflows for success

The sales pipeline in Pipedrive is where qualified leads are won and lost. A clear sales framework with a strategic ,well-thought out processes and prompts make it easy for sales people to do their jobs. The more structure the easier it is. By measuring and understanding your sales process you can make small tweaks that can be the difference between success and failure.


Win with clear targets

Hitting sales goals is the number one aim of every sales manager and this is every when everyone is on the same page and hitting the same notes. The benefits that flow from this include happier (and wealthier) salespeople and less peaks and troughs in your sales graphs and more consistent long-term growth.


Sales dashboards and data

Weekly and monthly sales WIP meetings are less easier when the preparation is done for by the system. And reporting to the board or senior management is less comforting when you are comfortable with your system and confident in the sales teams ability to carry out their roles.

3. REtain & Upsell

Create happier customers that increase life time value

Repeat business is easier and more cost effective to close than new business. And nearly every business should have a ‘Customer Success’ pipeline and it is not unusual for businesses to have separate pipelines for Onboarding, Retention and Upsells.

Retention Activities & Benefits


Seamless onboarding

Sales people need to be able to focus on closing deals and a clean handover from sales to onboarding/CX teams is easier when there are rigid processes and a clear path for the new client to follow.


Drive revenue

By putting time and effort into CX, onboarding, retention and upsells, by having clearly denfied processes, you increase revenue and customer satisfaction.


Easy communication

Happy customers are customers who have been often and clearly communicated to. This applies to brand new sales as well as long-term clients. By running separate pipelines as required for these workflows, you increase the chances of product advocates.

Case study


Truescope is a SaaS business that delivers real time media insights via their smart media intelligence platform


"We absolutely love the simplicity and comprehensiveness of this integration. The user-friendly interface allows us to enable various features with just a few clicks, and everything works seamlessly. JustCall has truly enhanced our efficiency and effectiveness in managing client communications."

Emanuel Catoiu, Splitter, Project Manager & Data Engineer