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  • Truescope is a SaaS business that delivers real time media insights via their smart media intelligence platform
  • Clients range from government to multi-nationals
  • Over 50 team members across Singapore Australia, New Zealand and the US
  • A team of the best developers, product designers, data analysts, and media intelligence experts
  • Truescope provides their clients with real-time media insights
  • And comprehensive data and smart cloud technologies deliver the information you need, when you need it
  • A Truescope subscription gives you with access to millions of stories from social media platforms, media companies, blogs, podcasts, and influencers in a global and searchable database


  • Truescope were already using Pipedrive but needed Motii's expert advice to get the most out of the system
  • With a team spread around the globe Truescope requires a system that works across jurisdictions
  • Multiple pipeline solution required with outreach, sales, renewals, onboarding and upsells workflows to be catered for
  • with large amounts of existing data in Pipedrive Motii had to work to retain data integrity while updating the system to best practice
  • Ensure reporting across more than 10 different metrics
  • Provide advice on hierarchy and custom fields set up to surface the data required


  • Keep phase one of the project as simple and as concise as possible
  • A focus on custom fields and phasing out of the use of Excel and creating sole reliance on Pipedrive for data ¬†
  • Ensure Products are easily added to Deals
  • Track setup fee, MRR and NRR as well as contract start/end dates inside of each Deal
  • Automatically create Deals and Activities based on renewal date
  • Use the data that was stored within Excel to drive the creation of custom fields and processes
  • Live training sessions and provide a video-based training manual and written summary of the system¬†


  • An implementation that went live without causing huge upheaval¬†
  • A well-trained team that is happy and comfortable with their new system¬†
  • Management that now has easier access to key data¬†
  • A CRM that is now more simple and easier to navigate than the previous version
  • And the ability to dig deeper into the data to surface important insights not previously available¬†


Motii was able to produce exactly the system we needed. Their team of developers and automation specialists have eliminated repetitive tasks for our team and their business analysts and data experts have guided us in setting up a system that will stand the test of time. For a SaaS business like us, to have the comfort that our internal systems are so strong gives us even more confidence as we scale.
Motii’s understanding of our industry stood out from the start. Their experience shone through and their confidence in their knowledge and their awareness of our specific company requirements combined to deliver a first-class result.
Motii have been brilliant. The changes to the system have completely transformed our sales and onboarding teams' approaches. The ease of use and intuitive setup has given them more confidence in the system. This translates to better reporting and a deeper analytical understanding of our sales processes
We have a big team and Motii was able to provide customised training for our teams across all our juristrructions
Working with Motii has given us the confidence that our expansion plans are underpinned by a world-class Pipedrive setup built specifically for SaaS companies like ourselves
John Croll, Truescope


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Company profile


Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the US
SaaS, Software and Media
Company size
50+ employees
Key features
Motii API client, workflow automations, dashboard reporting, training, video-based training manual

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