Meet your team

Ben Fuller

Director & Co founder

CRM expert with over 400 implementations under his belt, Ben understands that data and systems are what makes everything tick.

  • Leading Pipedrive consultant
  • CRM and project management architect
  • Business strategy sensei

Amber Holmes

Director & Co founder

A serial GM and attention to detail queen. Amber wrote the book on the value of documentation, collaboration and teamwork.

  • 14 years of GM experience
  • Systems and procedures guru
  • Customer satisfaction geek

Benny M

CRM Expert

CRM expert with a decade of experience onboarding clients to CRMs and project management tools. Sits at the intersection of business and technology.

Vincent M

Client Success Manager

From client onboarding to overseeing the team's tasks and testing for perfection, Vincent has his hands in everything to ensure the clients outcome is met and then exceeded.  A team leader with a 'can do' attitude!

Vincent Magabo - Motii Automation Specialist

Tom P

Account Executive

All things JustCall & PandaDoc. if you don't have this software in your tech stack yet he will tell you why you need them.

Chris B

Project Management Software Specialist

20+ years of project management experience with some of Australia's largest companies. He has a crazy passion for productivity and efficiency improvement.

Adi T

Senior CRM Engineer

Experienced CRM and technology specialist with more than 15-years in and around business operations and systems administration. Adi enjoys reading documentation and learning the ins and outs of everything.

Angelo J

Zapier & Automation
Wiz Kid

Angelo is an automations specialist with expert-level knowledge of Zapier and Integromat. He brings years of experience working across a broad range of industries and software.

Sam C

Senior CRM Engineer

Sam has deep technical knowledge across a broad range of platforms. His strength is taking client requirements and building functional easy-to-use systems.

Alex D

Motii API Wizard

In a digital realm where data flows like magic, the API Wizard wields their code-bound wand to seamlessly connect software realms, crafting bridges of communication with a whimsical flair.

Jez A

Data Visualisation

In the kingdom of numbers, the Visualization Virtuoso paints data into vibrant pictures, turning statistics into stories with a magical touch.

Jenny P

Technical Support & Automations

Meet the Automation Alchemist, a whimsical wizard of the technical realm, who weaves spells of efficiency and troubleshoots with the flair of a magician, turning mundane tasks into magical adventures and bringing harmony to the digital domain.

Paul A

Zapier & Automation Rockstar

Automations specialist with a coding flare, Paul is the guy makes stuff happen behind the scenes and an expert at crafting and maintaining the thousands of automations Motii provides for our clients.

Tips T

Data Ninja

Data migration specialist and Pipedrive magician, Tips has moved more 1's and 0's between CRMs than just about anybody on the planet. integrations with Pipedrive is his #2 passion, loves problem solving.

Evren L

Tester + Automations

Key member of the Motii automations team and tester of all processes and features before they are pushed live. Evren makes sure systems work.

Mark M

CX Guru

Mark is our design leader and customer experience champion who helps Motii deliver industry-defining sales experiences.

Josh V

Support & Reporting

In the mystical realm of tech support, there dwells the Reporting Rhapsodist, a charming troubadour who spins tales of system sagas and ticket triumphs, all while wielding the magic of data to illuminate the path to technological harmony.


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Our values


We truely believe the right coaching and systems can enable anyone to succeed to sell at scale.


Performance culture is defined from the top and emerges from activated individuals.


The latest technology is a force multiplier enabling individuals to achieve much more with less.


Work smarter not harder - automation is the oil in our engine to maximise business potential.


Think big and begin small - we prioritise and optimise process to unlock new phases of growth.


Performance culture is the most sustainable advantage in a rapidly technologically evolving world.

We Are Agile, Adaptable, Global

Headquartered in Bangkok and Melbourne

Offices in Asia, Australia and Europe

The only Pipedrive Elite partner in AsiaPac region

Extensive experience working with SE Asian and Australian companies and driving excellence and adoption

Location of Motii Pipedrive CRM around the  world