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Case studies

The Finn Group


  • Australia’s leading business brokerage group 
  • Established in 2004 
  • More than 100 brokers and staff with representation in all major cities and regional areas
  • Over 50,000 registered buyers
  • Over 1000 enquiries every month 
  • Multi-faceted business with business sales, exit planning, franchise services, insurance, finance and lending all covered 


  • Finn Group were existing Pipedrive clients with some of their team using Salesforce and some using Pipedrive 
  • They were looking to move away from Salesforce entirely to streamline their business, save costs and standardise processes
  • Finn wanted to provide the same experience for all their brokers and needed their systems to be infallible 
  • A large Salesforce migration was always on the cards and everything needed to be planned with that in mind 


  • Plan long-term with a specific goal in mind (Salesforce migration)
  • Use the Pipedrive to implement Motii’s custom business broking solution 
  • Motii changes the Hierarchical setup in Pipedrive so that the system is able to be properly used for the business broking industry 
  • Continually look for solutions to technical challenges 
  • Provide video-based training manuals to all team members
  • Motii’s developers worked to provide a deeper integration to Autopilot - Finn’s marketing automation platform 
  • Fortnightly meetings between Motii and Finn management about progress and improvements (which continue to this day) 


  • Hierarchical issues were overcome with the implementation of Motii business broking API layer 
  • A successful Pipedrive/Autopilot integration that deepened the native integration between the 2 platforms 
  • A successful Salesforce to Pipedrive migration with more than 100-million individual records moved 
  • Leverage the Pipedrive API to simplify processes and ensure that the documentation, contracts and forms that prospects complete always find the right person (from more than 500,000 records)

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Company profile

The Finn Group

Business Broking
Company size
100+ brokers and staff
Key features
Custom API work using the Motii Wizard, Motii's Business Broking package, Zapier, PandaDocs, Autopilot + more

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