Automations unlock time

Let technology handle your repetitive and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on working on the business.

Automate sales tasks

Frequent tasks are on autopilot

Create workflows for common tasks and optimise your business and enhance your client experience.

  • Send custom reporting
  • Daily 'to do' list
  • Contract date reminders

Automate marketing tasks

made simple

Start using our best-practice templates and workflows that take the time out of marketing.

  • Follow up & anniversary reminders
  • Prospect appointments & calls
  • Activity based selling

"My favourite part of the system is being able to see how many times emails have been opened by a potential buyer and when links have been clicked, it gives me a deeper insight for when we next chat.
Plus the phone app makes life so much easier, its essentially functions like I am almost behind my desktop so everything is at my fingertips while I’m running around.
Motii team are rockstars! They are not only just computer geeks but also understand the real business world. When it comes to Real Estate specific needs they understand all processes from start to finish and how valuable the little things are."

Craig Morrison
Town Group
Sunshine Coast QLD

Why Automate?

Success today requires better management of time with tools. We've created these automations to help you get on top of tedious, time-consuming tasks so you can focus less on admin and more on selling.

Listing upload & download

Simply sync every listing

Motii's listing portal means you tell the world about your listing with one click.
Enquiries from all the portals synchronised so you never lose a lead.

Sales training & support

Create sales

Flexible sales training that's not draining, allowing you (or your team) to learn on their own terms: discover, apply, thrive.

Sales integrations

Partner plug-ins at your service

Do you have a system you can't live without? Or are you looking for something new? We only work with the best of the best, so let us help you choose.

FAQ - Automations

Does Motii allow me to automate tasks?


Yes. You can automate just about anything, within reason. Motii’s clients use our automations to remind them of contract due dates, auto-update commission amounts, change deal values and sold prices. Update the status of properties for sale, create tasks dependent on sales stage. You can auto assign task to others and more

What is the Motii Wizard?


The wizard is the background work that Motii has done to Pipedrive so you don’t have to. Technically it is an API layer that we have developed so we can leverage the full-power of Pipedrive and other systems for Real Estate.

Why are automations important?


Does your sales team complain about spending too much time on repetitive tasks, like creating follow-up activities one by one or having to manually send emails to prospects? If so, automations are the answer. Motii can create automated workflows so your team doesn’t have to do those mundane tasks, that, let’s face it, never really get done

What are the main reasons to adopt automations?


Automations quickly and easily increase productivity and efficiency. Nobody like entering manual data for hours on end. By introducing automations you’ll see staff job-satisfaction grow, data accuracy increase and most importantly sales begin to skyrocket

Can I automate my marketing?


Some of the biggest time-saving are found in automating marketing. Say you have a lead. Statistics shows that on average it takes 8 touches to convert them into a qualified prospect. More if it is a listing you’re chasing. By automating some or aloof this process it allows your company to have a conversation with the prospect without the tedious crafting and sending of emails and SMS

"Motii showed us how the right CRM can make a difference. Pipedrive's activities remind me of all the little things I need to do each day. And it’s the little things matter.
Plus on a macro level it is gratifying to have a bird’s eye view of the entire business. I don’t think they realised what a positive effect it has on our lives due to the reduction of stress. You have made me, Nicholas and Hilary very happy."

Jacqueline den Uil
Realista - Quality Real Estate
Marbella, Spain

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