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Customer persona

"We've just turned 35ish and have recently left a large Real Estate agency to start our own property business. Things are going well, but I need to grow and I want my operations to run smoothly, efficiently and quickly as we scale. Things are fast-paced but 'success and sales' are what motivates us when we wake up every day.  We're very social, well connected and enjoy a high standard of living.   When I'm not attached to my phone or running from one meeting to another you'll find me downloading the latest fitness apps, training for a marathon or at the opening of the new local restaurant"

Harvey Specter
Real Estate Challenger Brand
New York, USA

Positioning & Principles

Motii is a positioned to be an antidote to the stuffy, rigid and 'numbers first' communications that typifies most legacy sales consultancies.

Motii is different - we're an agile, tech-enabled and people first organisation who understand that a smart-sales advantage isn't just about technology but also mindset, joined-up experiences and the ability to move fast and challenge any assumption.

When creating products, marketing assets or experiences we should keep in mind the following principles when communicating with our audience:

Motii principles:
We're straight talking but always human,
outcome orientated but with people at heart and
move at speed but with grace and purpose.

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