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  • South-east Asia‚Äôs leading payments platform
  • Clients range from tech giants to online marketplaces like Lazada, global retailers, airlines throughout the region and fast-growing tech start-ups
  • Over 400 team members across 10 markets in Asia and Europe¬†
  • International and local cards schemes
  • Digital wallets and QR payments providers
  • 400,000+APM payment points
  • Over 45 currencies and 30 financial institution partners¬†


  • 400 staff across more than 10 countries
  • A complex industry with large variety of products and solutions¬†
  • Large amounts of existing data needed to be brought into Pipedrive¬†
  • A requirement to start with a single country before rolling out the successful implementation to other markets¬†


  • Keep phase one of the project as simple and as concise as possible¬†
  • A focus on reports and dashboards¬†
  • Complete on a single country implementation first
  • Use the data that is to be migrated to drive the creation of custom fields and processes (this causes the least disruption to staff migrating to use Pipedrive for the first time)
  • Live training sessions and provide a video-based training manual and written summary of the system¬†


  • A simple system that takes covered the requirements of a multi-national workforce
  • An implementation that went live without causing huge upheaval¬†
  • A team that is happy and comfortable with their new system¬†
  • Management that now has easier access to key data¬†
  • And the ability to dig deeper into the data to surface important insights not previously available¬†


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Company profile


Operations throughout Asia and Europe
Finance and Payments
Company size
400+ employees
Key features
Motii API client, workflow automations, dashboard reporting, Zapier, training, video-based training manual

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