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Body Bike


  • Australia's leading provider of ¬†indoor exercise bikes
  • Supplier to Australia biggest and best gym chains
  • Services both the commercial and residential markets
PIPEDRIVE is the best thing I have ever used.  Once I got all fields in there it was amazing. What I have been able to do in the past 2 weeks I wasn’t able to do with INSIGHTLY in the last 4 years. We will look into getting Motii to do some Pipedrive integrations to bring it all together. TONY ZONATO - General Manager - Body Bike


  • Transitioning from Insightly CRM to Pipedrive
  • A complex industry with large variety of products and solutions¬†
  • Large amounts of existing data needed to be brought into Pipedrive¬†
  • A requirement to start with a single country before rolling out the successful implementation to other markets¬†


  • Multiple training sessions on how to use Pipedrive
  • Assistance with importing data
  • Advice on how to setup the system to fit existing business workflows
  • Use the data that is to be migrated to drive the creation of custom fields and processes (this causes the least disruption to staff migrating to use Pipedrive for the first time)


  • A CRM that truly services the business's requirements
  • An implementation that went live without causing huge upheaval¬†
  • A team that is happy and comfortable with their new system¬†
  • Management that now has easier access to key data¬†
  • And the ability to dig deeper into the data to surface important insights not previously available¬†


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Company profile

Body Bike

Wholesale and retail
Company size
<10 employees
Key features
Data import, system setup, training

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