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  • QA software for the construction industry
  • Clients range from tier one builders to
  • Over 20 team members across Australia, New Zealand and the US
  • The CONQA app allows you to check quality and document progress as you go
  • An app so easy, anyone on the jobsite can start using it immediately
  • Less rework, smoother disputes and clearer visibility.


  • Migration from Salesforce to Pipedrive
  • ChargeBee integration
  • Multiple pipeline solutikon required with new sales, renewals and upsells workflow to be catered for
  • Large amounts of existing data needed to be brought into Pipedrive¬†
  • A requirement to track MRR, setup fees, renewal dates and net increase on deals
  • Import the existing product options into Pipedrive products


  • Keep phase one of the project as simple and as concise as possible¬†- Salesforce migration
  • A focus on reports and dashboards¬†
  • Ensure Products are easily added to Deals
  • Track setup fee, MRR and net increase inside each deal and surface this in reporting
  • Use the data that is to be migrated to drive the creation of custom fields and processes (this causes the least disruption to staff migrating to use Pipedrive for the first time)
  • Live training sessions and provide a video-based training manual and written summary of the system¬†


  • An implementation that went live without causing huge upheaval¬†
  • A team that is happy and comfortable with their new system¬†
  • Management that now has easier access to key data¬†
  • And the ability to dig deeper into the data to surface important insights not previously available¬†


Going into this project to we knew that we had a complex use case. And on top of that we were migrating data from Salesforce. The Motii team was able to take ownership of everything and guide us every step of the way. The attention to detail was fantastic.
It was obvious that Motii were highly-experienced in not only in Pipedrive but also in analysing businesses and applying that analysis to building a great system. They were constantly one-step ahead when it comes to identifying potential issues. Their ability to get in and understand our systems and processes made all the difference.
The Motii live training sessions and video-based training manuals ensured immediate and long-term success. This enabled our team to make the transition from Salesforce smoothly. Daniel O'Donoghue, CONQA


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Company profile


Australia, New Zealand and the US
Building and Construction
Company size
20+ employees
Key features
Motii API client, workflow automations, dashboard reporting, Zapier, training, video-based training manual

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