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Case studies

Davis Group


  • Davis Lighting supply lighting solutions to the construction industry with more than 1000 clients in 10 countries
  • Sales teams in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia¬†
  • Supply to more than 2,500 projects¬†
  • Davis has Sales, manufacturing, R&D and maintenance teams¬†


  • Davis came to Motii with a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and highly capable teams¬†
  • Motii was tasked with turning the vision and processes into something that would work in Pipedrive without overcomplicating the process
  • Davis‚Äôs sales teams across the 3 countries operated separately with different processes¬†
  • Reporting was not centralised¬†
  • Sales forecasts needed to be more accurate
  • Sub-contractors, builders, architects, specifiers and end-clients all needed to be tracked to determine success rates of individual suppliers¬†


  • Migrate teams from excel and other systems onto Pipedrive
  • The decision was made to bring the Singaporean and Malaysia teams into a single Pipedrive instance
  • While the Australia team was kept separate due to the different requirements of the Australian market¬†
  • Ensure standardisation across team processes for reporting purposes¬†
  • Implement a way to track suppliers success and failure across projects¬†
  • Implement project IDs, purchase order variance and quote types to make analysing like-for-like deals easy¬†
  • Motii created a custom solution leveraging the Pipedrive API that allowed Davis to easily create new suppliers and¬†


  • Over a 12-week¬† implementation period, Motii worked closely with the Malaysian head office and Australian sales division to implement their vision¬†
  • Implemented custom API work to achieve reporting goals¬†
  • Created custom filters allowing data to be easily surfaced¬†
  • Provided team training sessions upon go-live
  • Provided a video-based training manual¬†


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Company profile

Davis Group

Malaysia, Singapore and Australia
Construction and Manufacturing
Company size
100+ employees
Key features
Custom API work using the Motii Wizard, Zapier, data surfacing, dashboard reporting

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