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Destination Asia


  • Asia’s leading destination management company 
  • 29 locally managed offices across more than 10 countries 
  • More than 100 staff 
  • Servicing major markets including USA, UK, Europe and Australia
  • The nature of the industry is extremely long lead times 


  • Multiple processes were being used across 10 different countries 
  • Staff were set in their ways
  • Their systems have grown organically over time and were unwieldy
  • Reporting was not at the level management desired 
  • Different cultures and processes needed to be brought into a single system 


  • Deliver a simple system that could grow more complex over time if required 
  • Create reports and dashboards for both salespeople and management 
  • Import existing data from each team into the new system 
  • Refine and standardise custom field options so that they catered for all countries 
  • Connect external lead sources to Pipedrive for all countries 
  • Provide training on a teams basis including live sessions and video-based training manual 
  • Additional management training visibility and efficiency 
  • Weekly and monthly progress reports 
  • Additional training sessions for new staff and staff being left behind 
Cathy Mead, Destination Asia, Bangkok Thailand. A Motii Pipedrive CRM customer.
Cathy Mead, Destination Asia
With offices in eleven countries across Asia and all of these different teams using different systems, we knew we had challenges ahead. The Motii team met that challenge head-on and succeeded in implementing a system on time and on budget. 
Our criteria were that the solution must be: easy to use, adopted by all users, training must be provided for each team and country, management must be able to easily generate the reports they required, and our finance and other teams could pull the data they need.  Motii succeeded in all areas." Cathy Mead, Destination Asia


  • A successful system launch with 100% adoption from more than 90 staff in more than 10 countries 
  • Processes were implemented that standardised reports across teams 
  • Management is now able to, in seconds, pull up reports and dashboards that give a live overview of the business
  • Sales teams across regions are able to seamlessly integrate and work together
  • Data management is vastly improved 

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Company profile

Destination Asia

Bangkok, Thailand and offices in more than 10 countries
Company size
100+ employees
Key features
Workflow automations, Zapier, email templates, multiple pipelines, data surfacing, dashboard reports, training and video-based training manual

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