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Five Good Friends


  • Give Good Friends helps people live engaged and successful lives in the homes & communities they love
  • Clients range from government to multi-nationals
  • Over 100 team members pushing large volumes of data through the system everyday


  • Five Good Friends were already using Pipedrive but needed Motii's expert advice to get the most out of the system
  • Five Good Friends has a web of interconnected systems that Motii assists and maintaining
  • With a large team Five Good Friends faced challenges in consistency of data
  • Cleaning up of custom fields, pipelines and other data presented challenges due to the volume of information
  • With large amounts of existing data in Pipedrive Motii had to work to retain data integrity while updating the system to best practice
  • Hierarchical issues with existing data meant large scale review and reorganisation was required before starting the project
  • Provide advice on hierarchy and custom fields set up to surface the data required


  • System review and prioritisation of tasks
  • A focus on data cleaning and process improvements
  • Assistance in measuring the success of newly implemented programs
  • Ensure data flows smoothly from internal and customer facing webforms
  • Overcome difficult hierarchical challenges with the Pipedrive setup
  • Automatically create lead sources and other key data for reporting and marketing
  • Connect external companies who work with Five Good Friends vis easy to use webforms


  • A complex implementation that went live without causing huge upheaval
  • A well-trained team that is happy and comfortable with their new system
  • Management that now has easier access to key data
  • A CRM that is now more simple and easier to navigate than the previous version
  • And the ability to dig deeper into the data to surface important insights not previously available

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Company profile

Five Good Friends

Aged and Disability Care
Company size
100+ employees
Key features
Intercom integration, Motii Wizard API, Continuous Improvement Program, Webforms Integration

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