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IVE Group


  • An ASX listed company headquartered in Sydney, Australia
  • Founded in 1921
  • Australia’s leading holistic marketing company 
  • Over 2800 clients


  • The IVE Group was previously with another Pipedrive partner
  • When Motii came onboard we were tasked with refining and streamlining processes
  • Existing Pipedrive Users were set in their ways
  • The system has grown organically over time and was becoming unwieldy
  • Reporting was not at the level management desired 


  • Simplify the system
  • Provide team training to bring staff members up to speed 
  • Create reports and dashboards for both salespeople and management 
  • Refine and standardise custom field options 
  • Provide training manuals so IVE can easily onboard new staff
  • Prepare the system for additional teams to be migrated from Salesforce to Pipedrive 


  • The system was simplified with complexity removed
  • Motii was able to get the teams all working out of a single Pipedrive instance with a standardised setup 
  • Management is now able to, in seconds, pull up reports and dashboards that give a live overview of the business
  • Sales teams across different departments are able to seamlessly integrate and work together

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Company profile

IVE Group

Sydney, Australia
Manufacturing and Marketing
Company size
1700 employees
Key features
Workflow automations, Zapier, multiple pipelines, data surfacing, dashboard reports ​

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