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Case studies

Mesh Direct


  • Australia's leading grand format printer
  • Specialising in out-of-home advertising and supplying some of Australia's biggest companies
  • Leading brands choose Mesh Direct because of their outstanding production times, excellent customer service and top-notch quality
  • Hundreds of products and thousands of customers


  • Mesh Direct had been Pipedrive users for more than 5-years
  • When Motii was engaged reporting was not at the level management desired¬†
  • We were tasked with refining and streamlining processes and delivering meaningful data
  • Current Pipedrive users required retraining and breaking of bad habits Existing Pipedrive Users were set in their ways
  • The system required a full restructure and working in a live system posed its challenges


  • Remove complexity by combining and removing pipelines
  • Add in API calls to make Pipedrive do what it couldn't do natively
  • Run multiple team training sessions and provide training videos
  • Improve reports and dashboards management¬†
  • Reduce the amount of unnecessary custom field options¬†
  • Fix Zapier zaps and integrations that were not performing correctly


  • The system was simplified with complexity removed
  • Now easier to use data became more meaningful and users found it easier to keep the system up to date
  • The outreach team, in particular, benefited from the reduction in pipelines and the elimination of redundant tasks
  • Management is now able to, in seconds, pull up reports and dashboards that give them a more complete picture of the business
  • Teams from different departments are able to seamlessly collaborate and work together
We had been using Pipedrive for more than 5-years. Motii completely transformed the way we use the system. All our staff are happier, more accountable and measuring success is now so much easier. I can't recommend Motii highly enough for everything Pipedrive.  Kerri-Anne Davoodi, Mesh Direct


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Company profile

Mesh Direct

Sydney, Australia
Manufacturing and Marketing
Company size
20+ employees
Key features
Workflow automations, Zapier, multiple pipelines, data surfacing, dashboard reports ‚Äč

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