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  • Novatti is an ASX listed payments company
  • They make payment processing easier to develop, deploy and manage
  • Active in 58 countries around the world¬†
  • More than 20-years experience in payments¬†


  • Novatti is a long-term Pipedrive client with existing processes
  • Existing Pipedrive Users were set in their ways
  • The system has grown organically over time and was becoming unwieldy
  • Six different teams using the system to varying degrees
  • Reporting was not at the level management desired¬†
  • Integration to external systems could be improved¬†


  • Simplify the system by reducing the number of pipelines by two-thirds
  • Create reports and dashboards for both salespeople and management¬†
  • Integrate PandaDocs (digital signing tool) to increase efficiency and conversion rates
  • Refine and standardise custom field options¬†
  • Provide training on a teams basis including live sessions and video-based training manual¬†
  • Add JustCall telephony integration for increases communications visibility and efficiency¬†
Ben and his team took our complex systems and simplified them while driving adoption across our worldwide team. The Motii live training sessions and video-based training manuals ensured immediate and long-term success. They understand the payments industry and added value to every step of the process. Adel Shahin, Novatti


  • The system was simplified with complexity removed
  • Cross-company processes were implemented that standardised reports across teams¬†
  • Management is now able to, in seconds, pull up reports and dashboards that give a live overview of the business
  • Sales teams across continents are able to seamlessly integrate and work together
  • Legals and contracts are handled digitally decreasing leads times, increasing visibility and increasing conversion rates¬†


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Company profile


Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia
Finance and Payments
Company size
100+ employees
Key features
Workflow automations, Zapier, telephony, digital signatures, dashboard reports, training

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