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Case studies

Realista Real Estate


  • Based on the Costa Del Sol in southern Spain
  • Servicing a broad base of international clients from more than 20 countries 
  • An already successful agency that was undergoing a growth phase 


  • Realista were looking to dealing with large num,ebrs of clients
  • Needed a way to manage the growth without adding to their cost-base
  • Set-up of a ‘no-touch’ fully automated sales and marketing platform 
  • Various lead sources all need to create Deals in Pipedrive and auto-alert salespeople
  • Create a fully-automated marketing process that carried the prospect through a journey over 90-days 


  • Implementation of Pipedrive along with Autopilot
  • Create multiple marketing journeys designed to nurture clients 
  • Often elongated sales cycles required low-effort but high-touch marketing 
  • Create reports and dashboards for both salespeople and management for full visibility 
  • Import existing data from different lists into Pipedrive and then sync that data with Autopilot 
  • Connect external lead sources to Pipedrive for all campaigns 
  • Provide training on a teams basis including live sessions and video-based training manual 
Jacqueline den Uil of Realista. Marbella, Spain. A Motii Pipedrive CRM customer.
“Pipedrive's activities remind me of all the little things I need to do each day. And it’s the little things matter.. They really make a difference. Plus that is not all, on a macro level it is also gratifying to have a bird’s eye view of the entire business. I don’t think you realise what a positive effect it has on our work lives due to the reduction of stress. You have made us very happy.”-  Jacqueline den Uil of Realista. Marbella, Spain.



  • Motii worked with Realista’s website developed to deliver an integrated marketing platform taking in CRM, automated marketing and website 
  • A successful system launch that provided the high-touch campaigns Realista was after
  • Better coordination between sales team members meant less stress and fewer prospects falling through the cracks 


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Company profile

Realista Real Estate

Real Estate
Company size
4 to 10 employees
Key features
Mobile app, file & pipeline customisation, email templates, workflow automations, activity alerts, calendar sync, Zapier, telephony (incl SMS), automated marketing.

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