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Stryve Finance


  • Stryve Finance is an award-winning brokerage
  • Experienced finance professionals
  • They believe in everything being trackable and measurable
  • Specialising in mortgage and asset finance


  • Long term Pipedrive customer who needed a full system review and wholesale changes to their set up
  • Best practice for the finance industry not being followed
  • When Motii came onboard we were tasked with refining and streamlining processes
  • Their various systems in their tech stack did not talk to each other
  • The capture of customer information for onboarding was cumbersome and time-consuming
  • The system had grown organically over time and was becoming unwieldy
  • Reporting was not at the level management desired 


  • Simplify the Pipedrive setup and customise it to suit the finance industry
  • Work with Stryve to create automations and Zapier zaps
  • Provide team training to bring staff members up to speed 
  • Create reports and dashboards for both salespeople and management 
  • Refine and standardise custom field options 
  • Methodically work through Stryve's processes incremtnally improving sytems and workflows


  • The system was simplified with complexity removed
  • Motii's finance industry expertise was utilised to build a fit for purpose system
  • Management is now able to, in seconds, pull up reports and dashboards that give a live overview of the business
  • Sales teams across different departments are able to seamlessly integrate and work together


I was already using Pipedrive but not to its full potential. I needed a team of experts to assist me in optimising my system. I chose Motii to help me because of their clear knowledge and experience in setting up thousands of automated workflows for the finance industry.
This was important to me because to invest in a service we needed the confidence that we are doing the right thing for our clients by being able to make sure we reach out at the right time, with the right content and nothing slips through the cracks. This has been the biggest improvement we have seen in the business already.
I would without hesitation recommend Motii to others in the financial sector. They know their stuff and any finance broker who needs to get their ship in order should talk to Motii.
And lastly, they’re just a great group of people to work with. I still have some ideas brewing for my business and as the business grows the platform, and how we use it, will also change. I’m already looking forward to the next project together!
Dylan Bertovic, Stryve Finance


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Company profile

Stryve Finance

Sydney, Australia
Finance broking
Company size
5+ employees
Key features
Finance industry customisation, workflow automations, Zapier, multiple pipelines, data surfacing, dashboard reports ​

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