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Case studies

The Bucha of Byron


  • The Bucha of Byron are a kombucha manufacturing and distribution company based in iconic Byron Bay, Australia
  • The company manufactures and distributes to over 5000 stores nationally
  • They have their own sales team on the road along with having distribution agreements with third-party logistics companies
  • Clients order weekly or monthly and usually order via third-party logistics partners
  • The Bucha needs to get that third-party logistics data in front of their own salespeople so when they visit a venue, they have the latest ordering data and delivery information
“Our systems made it difficult to track client conversations, sales prospects and files,” said “Where Motii and Pipedrive really helped was by bringing clarity and visibility to everything we do. And everything our partners do.” Paul Tansley, Founder at The Bucha of Byron.


  • As The Bucha grew rapidly and to meet the growing demand for its products, they needed a better way to organise client records and to target sales opportunities
  • They needed a system that could streamline the sales process and deliver a 360-degree view of each customer relationship. 
  • Management needed to have easier access to venue numbers, orders and clients who were ‘at-risk’ 
  • Sales reps needed to know, in real-time, when the venues had last ordered, what they ordered and what the previous communications has been. 


  • Data from third-party partners needed to be surfaced in Pipedrive
  • A telephony integration was required to ensure all communications, no matter whether phone, SMS, email or marketing, are recorded inside Pipedrive
  • The number of venues each salesperson looks after needs to be increased so that the Bucha could continue to grow at pace without having to hire excessive staff 
  • Marketing needed to be automated so that clients and prospects each had their own unique and meaningful interaction with the Bucha
Paul Tansley, Founder at The Bucha of Byron Australia . A Motii Pipedrive CRM customer.
“Motii has changed the company’s approach to venue information. They have given our team the tools to become better reps. The salespeople are able to cultivate closer and more meaningful relationships with our clients because the information is easier to access. They all find it hugely empowering.”


  • Leveraging Pipedrive’s workflow automation along with Zapier, Motii was able to surface the third-party logistics data in Pipedrive, providing The Bucha reps easy access to the information they need
  • The sales team is able to have an informed conversation with venue managers
  • The result is they cover 4-times the number of venues without increasing their salary overhead
  • With Pipedrive and Motii, The Bucha of Byron better services its clients through a much more scalable business model
  • The Bucha is landing larger national clients because now have additional bandwidth. The implementation has freed up capacity in the sales process for both the reps looking after smaller venues and the managers targeting larger chains.
“With Motii’s help, we know we are much more comfortable scaling the business. They just give you that confidence.”  Paul Tansley, Founder at The Bucha of Byron

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Company profile

The Bucha of Byron

Byron Bay, Australia
B2B Sales
Company size
10 to 20 employees
Key features
Workflow automations, Zapier, email templates, telephony, automated marketing, multiple pipelines, data surfacing, dashboard reports ​

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