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Pipedrive CRM Sales pipeline created by Motii for Zech Buys Houses. A wholesaling real estate business.


  • One of the most successful Real estate investment companies and wholesalers in the USA
  • Multiple spin-off businesses 
  • More than 25 sales phone lines integrated to Pipedrive 
  • Highly successful high volume sales team 


  • Migrate ZBH from their existing platform to Pipedrive
  • Integrate a telephony system that allowed for bulk SMS, phone calls, SMS and other comms to be easily accessible 
  • Provide reporting for both sales teams and management 
  • Integrate multiple platforms and lead sources so the success and/or failure of campaigns can be measured  


  • Implement Motii’s unique real estate platform which makes IPpedrive more useable for real estate teams 
  • Work closely with our telephony partners at JustCall.io to create and implement a custom solution with 25+ phone lines and unique lead sources 
  • Fully utilise all of Pipedrive’s features to create one seamless system integrating email, phone, SMS, marketing and calendar 
  • Use Pipedrive workflow automations and Zapier to automate processes and eliminate busy work for staff allowing them to focus on the important tasks 
  • Refine and standardise custom field options so that reporting is crisp and accurate 
  • Connect external lead sources to Pipedrive for proper campaign analytics 
  • Provide training on a teams basis including live sessions and video-based training manual 


  • In the 3-years since Motii first implemented our Pipedrive solution for ZBH they have gone from a small business to one of the US’s most successful REI companies 
  • Sales volumes increased due to increased productivity and efficiency 
  • Marketing spend per lead and per conversion has decreased due to better target campaigns based on the analysis of reporting 
  • New staff are able to be onboarded seamlessly thanks to Motii’s live training sessions and video-based training manuals 


Pipedrive has a great native and Zapier integrations which means if I like a software I can probably make it work with Pipedrive. Having the choice of what is in your tool kit is important. So far we've linked Click2Mail, Avochato, JustCall, Websites CMS's and more.  All of my data sits in a central vault, Pipedrive is the key.

- Brent, ZBH




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Company profile


Colorado, USA
Real Estate
Company size
10-20 employees
Key features
Mobile app, file & pipeline customisation, email templates, workflow automations, activity alerts, calendar sync, Zapier, telephony (incl SMS), automated marketing.

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