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Get to Know Motii

Ben Fuller is interviewed on everything 'Motii.' Integrations,software partnerships, challenges in the industries, why Pipedrive and what happens if you choose to engage the Motii team.

What are your favourite Pipedrive integrations?

Tell us about your team

How did Motii grow to get to where you are today?

How did Motii get started?

Do you tend to work with businesses of a certain size?

Why does Motii align with Pipedrive CRM?

Why would I engage Motii when I could undertake the work myself?

When clients come to you what are the commonalities?

When is the best time for customers to engage Motii's services?

What would be the ultimate set-up for a client that is a finance company?

What would the ultimate set-up be for a client that is a digital agency?

What skill sets does your team have?

What knowledge do you have in the industries you work with?

What is the Motii team like, are there any big characters?

What is Motii's 'Why'?