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Pipedrive Basics- Getting Started

Brand new to Pipedrive CRM? These videos will get you on the road to success.

Get Started!! Pipedrive CRM introduction and terminology

Getting Started with Pipedrive Personal settings

Configuring & Editing Your Sales Pipeline in Pipedrive CRM

How to Create and Reorder Custom Fields in Pipedrive CRM

How to Setup Email and Calendar Sync in Pipedrive

How to Set Up Email Signature in Pipedrive CRM

How to Invite a Team Member into Pipedrive CRM Step by Step Guide

The Importance of Activities in Pipedrive CRM

Why Winning and Losing deals are Important in Pipedrive CRM

How to Set Up Lost Reasons in Pipedrive CRM

Maximising Your Sales Pipeline with Pipedrive Filters

How to Set Up Basic Reports in Pipedrive Insights

How to Create an Basic Automation in Pipedrive