AirCall is the best business phone for your CRM due to ease of use, admin, call clarity and features

Why Aircall?



Use desktop, web, or mobile apps to easily make and receive calls and have it sync seamlessly with other members work and your CRM 

Workflows & Analytics

Real time - all the time

Run SMS and calling campaigns to activate leads. Measure the performance of your staff using AIrCall's analytics dashboard and reporting options

Remote work

Work anywhere

Take your office with you. You're team can be distributed worldwide but operate as if they are sitting next to each other


Put follow-up on autopilot

Set automated SMS follow-up, call reminders and sync AirCall with your sales and customer success flows


Plug and perform

Ensure your team never lets an opportunity slip by integrating AIrCall with Pipedrive via workflow automations and Zapier. Manage administrative tasks in a breeze


We're with you

Motii and AIrCall work together to set the standard for onboarding, training and coaching. Don't only install software, improve processes and performance

Unite your business

Everything you need for sales success all in one place

AirCall's Pipedrive and integrations help sales, support and customer service teams streamline their workflows and increase productivity.

When combined with the industries deepest integration to Pipedrive and and the know-how of Motii, AirCall delivers world-class integrated telephony at affordable prices.

Inspire your team to better, smarter conversations at every stage of the cycle by adding AirCall to and Pipedrive.


Collaborate and communicate with your prospects and customers  

Aircall automatically logs all call details to the appropriate contact and the associated deal. Use Click-to-dial within Pipedrive and to reach out fast and start talking right away.

Track any assignment changes made via Aircall directly inside your CRM or work OS. Use call-back requests to ensure a missed call never means a lost lead. PowerDial through sales leads after loading a list from Pipedrive or

Remote working

Empower your people - wherever they work

Need a new mobile number for a mobile salesperson? Because AirCall is an anywhere, anytime, on any device phone system you can create new numbers in seconds. Or need a new landline sales number for your new regional office? Get one in moments - with the right area code. Start making or receiving calls almost instantly. Make sure your team are connected to leads and customers and fellow staff members while working remotely.

"Ben and his team took our complex systems and simplified them while driving adoption across our worldwide team. The Motii live training sessions and video-based training manuals ensured immediate and long-term success. They understand the payments industry and added value to every step of the process."

Adel Shanin, ‍Novatti Group Melbourne, Australia

We Exist to Make Selling Successful

Motii exists to help your business scale-up and thrive. Our team are passionate about diving deeply into your business and developing customised solutions. We then provide specialised training and support to ensure company-wide adoption and project success.

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