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Campaigns by Pipedrive: Powerful and Simple Communications

Why do you need Pipedrive CRM?

Many businesses do not fully understand how powerful their client data really is. Most small businesses fail because they do not know how to leverage their client data and how to market to their clients effectively. This presents a huge roadblock when businesses try to scale up and expand their bottom line, which can be incredibly frustrating.

Does your business suffer from the following challenges?

  • Tedious data imports or exports
  • Poor integrations with other tools
  • Sales and marketing data scattered all over the place

Solution: To help you take full advantage of your client data, you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Pipedrive is one of the leading CRM softwares and it allows your small business to create beautiful email communication, engage your clients and manage all your sales and marketing data directly – having everything easily accessible and in one convenient, central location.

With Pipedrive, your small business will no longer lose valuable time moving sales, client and marketing data between different platforms.  Your small business will no longer have to deal with lack of insights or engagement reports on marketing leads for sales teams. Best of all, your small business will no longer have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on dedicated tooling and tool overload.

With Pipedrive, by having all your sales, client, and marketing data in one convenient, central location, you will have increased and enhanced visibility of your revenue cycle and be able to work toward common goals to scale up your small business and boost your bottom line.

Pipedrive helps you easily market to your subscribed clients. Once your clients are subscribed to you, you can send beautiful communications instantly to all of your subscribers. 

Introducing Pipedrive Campaigns


create a campaign
design your email

One of the newest and most popular communications tools is Pipedrive’s Campaigns feature. The latest offering by Pipedrive, Campaigns is designed to help small businesses simplify and effectivize their campaign management, bringing sales and marketing teams onto one revenue management platform.

Campaigns allow small businesses to do it all - from creating effective marketing emails and mass distributing them to clients to having a real time 360 degree view of all their data in one place, Pipedrive customers are now equipped to better meet business goals and objectives across teams all on the same platform.

Campaigns are multimedia electronic newsletters which allow you to send digital content to your subscribers. You can build your campaign from scratch using Pipedrive’s easy to use drag and drop editing tool or use one of the pre made templates offered by Pipedrive. Pipedrive campaigns allow you to add different types of media elements to your email campaigns, such as video content, icons, menus, and social media modules. If you can’t find the right element you want to add to your Pipedrive email campaign, you can also use the HTML block with which you can code and create your own design. Pipedrive also enables you to customize your email campaigns by changing the background color and font of your texts. With these features, you can engage with, convert and retain your clients like never before.

Here’s what you can do with Pipedrive’s Campaigns feature.

Firstly, you can create beautiful and customizable emails with templates that are designed to get more clicks. You no longer need a dedicated marketing team or strategy – you can reduce your marketing time and efforts dramatically with professional templates and a simple drag-and-drop builder.

Don’t waste any more time attempting to market to the wrong clients. With Pipedrive, you can keep clients warm by leveraging your client data to convert your target prospects into hot leads.

If your clients are spread around the world, across different time zones, and in different demographic groups, it makes no sense whatsoever to have a one size fits all marketing strategy. With Pipedrive, you can implement customization like never before. You can segment your audiences and personalize your campaigns to suit each segment. Pipedrive allows you to send the right message to the right audience at the right time with email segmentation.

With Pipedrive, everything is on one database and in one location. You can easily and securely keep all of your client and audience data in one platform. Your small business will no longer have to suffer through endless imports and exports between applications or softwares for sales and marketing teams, or have to deal with the frustrations of poor integrations between incompatible softwares and apps.

Powerful Monitoring Features to Streamline your Campaigns

Pipedrive doesn’t stop with just email communication. It understands that to elevate your small business, your marketing strategy needs to be ever-evolving.  With powerful and insightful monitoring, Pipedrive can help you identify and understand why your campaigns win the hearts of your clients with 360 degree, real time reporting. This allows you to streamline your campaigns even further so that you can continue exceeding your targets.

You can monitor your campaigns and track the following client data metrics with Pipedrive’s powerful AI-driven insight tools:

Engagement: This metric records the unique and total times that your clients have opened your campaign, click and click-through rates.

Delivery: This metric measures the success of the delivery of the campaign by categorizing each instance as successfully delivered, bounced, unsubscribed, or reported as spam.

Performance over time: This metric measures the performance over time by hour or day. This allows you to time the market; you can time your campaigns such that they are guaranteed to get clicks and opens from your clients.

Links performance: This metric measures how well links such as the links to your store or products, which are embedded in your email, performed with your clients. You can see which clients clicked on which links, and if those links successfully converted prospective clients into paying clients.

Top location performance: This metric measures how well your emails performed by country. You can use this data to target your marketing by geographical location.

Recipients: This metric measures and reports which of your clients have engaged with your campaign and how. You can use this data to streamline your marketing techniques to ensure that you are targeting the right clients.

As a whole, unleashing the power of client data effectively is an extremely valuable tool to help you scale up your business and to ramp up your revenue. With this data, you can not only improve your segmentation and marketing campaigns, but you can also streamline your client list by keeping track of which contacts have bounced or unsubscribed from your email communications. This ensures that you are not wasting your time or resources on the wrong clients, and that you are focusing all of your energy correctly on high-yield, high-value clients.

The Insights tool allows you to discover how effective each campaign is - including the number and percentage of total as well as unique clicks and opens by your clients, total number of emails sent, and even being able to filter the data such that you can see which of your clients are engaging with your campaigns the most.

Conclusion (CTA)

Pipedrive is designed to keep you selling. But if you’re not ready to commit, you can try before you buy. That’s right - if you would like to try for yourself to see what Pipedrive can do for your small business, consider a risk free, 14-day trial. 

Pipedrive’s free trial allows you to try all of Pipedrive’s amazing features with zero risk. The free trial allows you to choose between each of Pipedrive’s four pricing plans, so you can test all of Pipedrive’s amazing features and add-ons without spending a dime. For two weeks, your small business will have access to Pipedrive’s sales automation, integration, lead management, security and privacy, and reports and insights features at your disposal absolutely free.

Or, you can let the experts handle it for you.

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Motii is an expert-led team of sales operation specialists who implement and deploy Pipedrive CRM, Sales Automation and Marketing Solutions to help your small business scale up and ramp up revenue.

We are proud to have been awarded the Number 1 Pipedrive Regional Partner of the year, and we are the only Pipedrive Elite level partners in the Asia-Pacific. Because Motii is an exclusive Elite level partner, with Motii, not only will your small business directly benefit from Pipedrive's advanced tech and incredible ease-of-use, but it will also benefit from the flexibility of being able to modify, customize, and perfectly fit Pipedrive CRM to your requirements.

We specialize in setting up Pipedrive and monday.com systems so that you can increase lead conversion, revenue, transparency and better manage your sales and marketing teams. We provide CRM, project management, marketing automation and telephony implementation and training. 

Headquartered in Bangkok and Melbourne, we are proud to serve the Asia, Australia and New Zealand markets, and we are responsible for many of the world’s highest performing sales teams. If you think you would like to experience the power of Pipedrive with expert assistance, sign up for our 30 day free trial today and get ready to elevate your business. Contact us for a free consultation and we will be delighted to help you along your journey to success.

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