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Does Your Business Need the Pipedrive Professional Plan?

Does Your Business Need the Pipedrive Professional Plan?

Pipedrive’s four tiered structure provides a plan for every stage of your small business, and at every price point–no matter your budget. To access only the basic features, opt for the introductory plan, the Essential tier. To access all the basic features plus email integration functionality, choose the Advanced tier. The Professional tier is the best tier to really leverage Pipedrive’s automation functionalities, while the Enterprise tier makes Pipedrive–and your small business–limitless. 

If you’re curious to learn more about the Professional tier, this article is perfect for you. Here, we will provide you with a breakdown of Pipedrive’s Professional tier, its many benefits, and why it may be the perfect choice if you’re really looking to scale up your business and accelerate your revenue.

An Introduction to Pipedrive’s Professional Tier

This is Pipedrive’s penultimate plan, and one of the best choices for both functionality and value. Priced at just under $50 USD per month when paid annually, this plan leverages gives you features like cumulative forecast reporting, free SmartDocs esignature and the ability to report on custom fields in the Deal. The Professional tier includes superior reporting, automation and team management tools, along with enhanced integrations with Google Workspace, including Google Sheets and Google Slides, as well as document tracking and eSigning. If your business is on the smaller size, but handles a lot of volume (or is looking to handle a lot of volume in the future), the Professional tier is perfect for you. Let’s review the most important features of Pipedrive’s professional tier.

Increased Open Deal Limit

An open deal refers to a deal that has not been won, lost or deleted. With an open deal limit of 100,000, the Professional tier is a huge upgrade from the next-highest tier, the Advanced tier (with an open deal limit 10,000). That means at any point, you can have up to 100,000 open client deals that are just waiting to be converted into leads.

Increased Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to really unlock, unleash and utilize your client data. A custom field is a field created in Pipedrive that is outside of the default, pre-existing fields–custom fields are used for adding and tracking data. You can also use your custom fields for reporting, creating and generating custom reports based on your custom field data. The Professional tier comes with 1000 custom fields, a huge step up from the 100 custom fields offered by the Advanced tier.

Permissions and Visibility

The Professional tier comes with a suite of enhanced security features that allow it to protect customer data, including a security dashboard, logs of user logins over the last 60 days, as well as rules and alerts to automate security processes such as whitelisting IPs and setting time-restricted access. These features make Pipedrive’s Professional Plan an excellent choice for healthcare focused businesses that handle sensitive medical data.

Automation Workflows

Automation workflows automate the boring, repetitive and tedious tasks. The Professional tier offers 60 automation workflows–or triggers that automatically perform a task. That’s 60 automation tools at your disposal. An example of this is sending a customized welcome email to a new customer the moment that they are added to your database. A fun fact: companies who automate their tasks are 16% more likely to hit their targets.

Superior Communications Tools

The Professional tier comes with a suite of superior communications tools, including a video caller tool, Smart Docs smart document capabilities (including document tracking and eSigning), auto-filled templates, and Google integrations, such as Google Docs and Google Slides.

Enhanced Custom Reporting

The Professional is designed for, and is best for, multi-level small businesses. The Professional tier allows you to generate up to 150 custom reports, as opposed to the Advanced tier, which only offers up to 30. ​​The Professional Tier is the best tier to help you get a true view of your company’s performance and sales targets. In addition to advanced, unlimited and customisable dashboards, the Professional plan offers extensive reporting on your company or team targets to better measure your company and team performance–including more in-depth forecasting reports, team permission and goal setting features.

The Difference Between - the Professional Tier and the Enterprise Tier

At Motii, we strongly recommend the Professional Tier for our clients—we truly feel that it is the best tier based on both functionality and value. However, if you want to really unlock the full potential of Pipedrive, then the top tier, the Enterprise tier, may be what you need. The Enterprise tier offers every single feature offered by the Professional Tier, but takes Pipedrive (and your business) even further. The Enterprise tier offers unlimited user permission, unlimited team management, unlimited visual dashboards, an unlimited report limit, unlimited meeting schedule, and unlimited open deal limits for your company. If you want the most, and the very best, that Pipedrive has to offer for your company, this is the tier to choose. 

Try Before You Buy 

We get it–all of this information overload can be dizzying and overwhelming, and maybe you’re simply not ready to commit. Fortunately, you can try before you buy. Each one of Pipedrive’s plans–including Pipedrive’s Professional plan–comes with a 14-day free trial for you to test its full functionalities. Taking advantage of the free trial will really allow you to get a feel of Pipedrive’s user interface and discover how it can manage your sales and marketing processes–leaving you to do what you need to do: focus on running your business.

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Ben Fuller

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