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Introducing Product Images in Pipedrive CRM

In an exciting development, Pipedrive is rolling out a highly anticipated feature – Product Images. This update is set to revolutionise how you manage and present your products within the Pipedrive platform. Here's everything you need to know about this game-changing feature.

Why Product Images Matter?

Imagine being able to visualise your products effortlessly, right when you need them. Or introducing new products to your whole team all around the globe with ease. How about having images assist in outlining a proposal? With the introduction of product images on Pipedrive, that dream becomes a reality. Now you can easily associate images with your products, providing an intuitive experience. This feature caters not only to businesses offering goods but also to those providing services, enabling you to clearly communicate and highlight your offerings.

How It Works

Just head over to the Products tab on Pipedrive and with a few clicks, you can upload product images. Once uploaded, these images seamlessly integrate into your product catalogue, allowing you to:

Visualise Your Catalog: When searching for a product to add to a deal alongside its name, you'll now see an image. No more guessing; now you'll have a picture of what you're selecting.

Improved Deal Listings: When you view a list of products included in a deal, each product now has an image. This visual representation can make your work more streamlined and efficient.

PandDoc or Smart Docs Integrations:  the Product Images feature will seamlessly integrate with Pipedrive's Smart Docs templates for proposals and quotes. You can now showcase your products with images directly in your documents, making them more appealing and captivating.

Benefits and User Feedback

The response from the community regarding this feature has been overwhelmingly positive. Users have praised its ability to streamline their work processes, enhance product visibility, and improve customer experiences. By reducing confusion, it simplifies the selection process and helps build stronger brand recognition. It also creates much more beautiful invoices, quotes or proposals.

In Conclusion

The introduction of Product Images in Pipedrive represents a milestone in the evolution of the CRM platform. It empowers businesses to present products and services to users effectively while simplifying the experience and contributing to enhanced deal management.

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