Pipedrive and JustCall (Telephony Integration)

Pipedrive and JustCall (Telephony Integration)

Companies of all sizes are always looking for innovative ways to improve their communication with customers and improve sales. To this effect, companies are adopting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and telephony technologies. 

Implementing CRM helps businesses to optimise their workflow and track all communications with partners, customers, and prospects. On the other hand, a telephony system helps businesses streamline their call and SMS workflow and improve customer experience.

When you integrate these two technologies, your company will reap the benefits of improved sales. 

In this guide, we’ll talk about Pipedrive and JustCall (CRM and telephony software, respectively) integration and how they can work together to help your company meet its bottom line. 

What Is JustCall? 

JustCall is a cloud-based call solution that allows you to make calls and send SMS — all fully integrated with Pipedrive CRM. This is achieved by using an app on your computer or smartphone. Cloud-based phone systems are also called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and they are more cost-efficient and reliable than analogue phone systems.

JustCall is the business call centre solution of the future. It is an effective communication tool with a complete set of key features essential to every sales operation. But when you integrate Aircall and Pipedrive, the benefits are enormous. 

Key Features of JustCall

Many businesses leverage voice calls in connecting with their customers. However, SMS messaging has also become prevalent over the years in sales and marketing as it’s one of the quickest ways to reach out to customers. It has the advantage of having a very high open rate, up to 98%, and click-through rates can be as high as 36%. 

To make the most out of SMS and phone calls, businesses  should adopt an effective telephony solution like JustCall with key features that takes communication to another level. The ability to track and record calls and SMS all within your CRM and to build a record of communication with the client is important. But so are more advanced features like power diallers, reporting, click-to-dial and more. 

Some of the key features of JustCall include:

  1. Power Dialler

The power dialer feature of JustCall enables your team to quickly and easily compile a list of numbers and place multiple calls in quick succession with just one click. It also helps to find phone numbers on any webpage and add them to your call queue. 

  1. Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are made to quickly and accurately categorise callers based on their needs and route them to the right team within your business. You can personalize ringtones for different groups within your team and set your IVR menu's business hours. 

  1. Call Centre Analytics

The call centre analytics feature makes it easy to track the performance of your team, either collectively or individually. You can also monitor your call centre KPIs—such as wait time, response time, call volumes, average call time, and missed call rates—all at a central location.

  1. Click to Dial

Time is an important resource when it comes to speaking with prospects or handling customer service issues over the phone. The Click to Dial feature is one of JustCall's time-saving features that lets you dial more quickly and more efficiently. 

  1. SMS 

As email open rates continue to decline and email clients like Outlook and Gmail get better at filtering emails to the promotions folder. So SMS with open rates in the high 90% area, are being relied on more and more for marketing, service, and support between businesses and their customers. JustCall allows you to send SMS, either manually or automated, from Pipedrive. 

How to Setup and Integrate JustCall with Pipedrive

Given the features of JustCall, it follows that implementing this solution will significantly increase your team’s efficiency and enhance communication among your team members, as well as interactions with prospects and customers. The benefits increase exponentially once Pipedrive is integrated with this software.  

Before we get into the specifics of the combined benefits, let's talk about how to integrate both technologies seamlessly. If you already use Pipedrive CRM, you can set up JustCall integration in six simple steps: 

1) Make sure you're logged into your Pipedrive account in the same browser window.
2) Login to your JustCall account.
3) on the left sidebar menu, click Integrations
4) In the CRM and Helpdesk Tools tab select the +integrate button under pipedrive.
5)  Click install.


  1. Select the phone numbers you want to add to Pipedrive and click on “Next”
  2. Then log in to Pipedrive 



Following this intuitive sales CRM integration, you'll be able to accurately track every lead through the funnel. This enhanced capability provides your sales team with pertinent information when the zero-moment comes.

Pipedrive and JustCall Integration — How Can It Help Your Sales Team Improve Sales? 

If you're still wondering, “why do I need a telephony platform integrated to my CRM?” This section will provide better clarity on the top benefits of telephony integration for your sales team.

Pipedrive and JustCall integration allows your business to make and receive phone calls and SMS within Pipedrive using Aircall features. Some of the features of JustCall like transparency (report on the number of calls being made) are retained after the integration. You can also continue your workflow on Pipedrive without interruption. 

Other benefits of this integration that help your team improve their efficiency and increase sales include:

  1. Easily Available Information

The integration allows sales reps to receive caller information before answering an inbound call. Information like the caller’s name and company are displayed, as shown in the image below, with an in-app link that enables agents to get more information. 

With just one click, you can get all your past interactions and notes of the caller on your screen like in the image below. 



In other words, you have a full history of your activities with a particular client. You can’t remember everything, so going back to a recorded conversation is valuable to ensure your customers get what they ask for. 

  1. Real-Time Syncing of Information

When you take notes during an ongoing call, each comment will automatically sync to the right Pipedrive profile in real-time. This includes notes written on the mobile app, allowing your sales agents to take calls from any location while keeping other team members informed of changes.

Also, when you combine the data from these two tools (Pipedrive and JustCall), you get more quantifiable information that you can use to improve the experience for your customers.

  1. Cut the Tedious Work 

Pipedrive and JustCall integration cut the tedious work associated with data entry. As a result, your agents have enough time to focus on meaningful interactions with leads. 

Furthermore, every call you make (or receive) using JustCall will automatically show up in Pipedrive’s “activity” section. Then, you can easily employ Pipedrive’s analytics feature to examine the data. With just one action, your agents will be on the call and fully prepared to close deals. 

  1. Comprehensive Analytics for Calls and Customers

Integrating your phone system with your customer data provides all the data about your leads, prospects, and customers in one place. The analytic features of both JustCall and Pipedrive can be used to examine the data, which can help you develop buyer personas, analyse your customers' behaviours, and help the marketing team develop new marketing tactics based on your observed customers' behaviour. 

For example, you can determine whether writing blog posts on frequently reported issues or including a FAQ section will reduce the number of incoming calls regarding those topics. 

Pipedrive — The Top Rated Business Sidekick

Pipedrive is the easy-to-use, #1 user-rated CRM tool. It is an effective tool for any company looking to improve sales and meet its bottom line. Pipedrive contains features that help salespeople focus on activities that drive sales and spend less time on activities that do not.

Here are some of the ways Pipedrive achieves that:

  • Setting Up Reminders for Important Tasks

Pipedrive alerts you and your team when there are significant deals and meetings coming up and notifies you when it's time to follow up with clients or prospects. With this, you don’t have to rely on human memory —which can be unreliable— and you can focus on other tasks and rest easy knowing that you’ll be reminded of important details.   

  • Segment and Target Leads Using Filters

Pipedrive provides a simple way to customise filters for important data about your current customers, sales, and leads. Sales and knowledge are two important factors that influence sales. The ability to sort data within seconds can make all the difference needed to record a win. 

  • Allow Easy Integration of All Your Tools in One Place

There is no one ideal tool for all business tasks. Pipedrive serves as a central hub for all significant sales communications within your team or company by allowing the seamless integration of other software relevant to driving sales. This benefit of Pipedrive can help you save so much time. 


Pipedrive and JustCall integration play a significant role in enhancing customer experience and sales by giving sales teams the useful data they need to close more deals. Your team only needs organised customer data at their fingertips to decide how to interact with leads, including how to reach out to them, and the best time to do so. 

To get started with Pipedrive, sign up for a 30-day trial. Want to speak to a Pipedrive expert? Book a time with us here. Need any help integrating JustCall with Pipedrive? Motii is the go-to expert. Contact us now to enjoy all the benefits discussed in this article and even more!

Tom Peto

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