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Pipedrive Lead Booster a user-friendly lead generation tool

A business that lacks a lead generation strategy is in danger. This is because its growth will be dependent on a target market that may not even know that it exists. Also, there'll be no leads for potential sales, and no leads set the business up for failure.

Although lead generation can be time-consuming and challenging, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. In today's business environment, where companies are turning to technology for many things, Pipedrive's LeadBooster increases the efficiency of lead generation.

This guide provides comprehensive information on this tool and explains how it can be necessary for your business. 

What Is Pipedrive LeadBooster? 


LeadBooster is Pipedrive’s effective and user-friendly lead generation tool, made up of a suite of four products — Chatbot, Live Chat, Web Forms, and Prospector. With the help of this technology, you can capture top-notch inbound and outbound leads before they drift elsewhere.

Features of Pipedrive LeadBooster

Lead generation with Pipedrive’s LeadBooster has become a seamless process. It’s especially useful for sales teams in improving lead generation and boosting conversation rates. 

Here are the main features of LeadBooster that make it an excellent tool for your sales reps:

  1. Chatbot 

Customers are increasingly interacting with businesses outside of business hours and expect an immediate resolution to their problems.  At the same time, marketing teams are constantly looking for fresh approaches to improve customer experience and increase lead generation. Chatbots are useful in this situation.

You can think of LeadBooster's chatbot as a dedicated team member who works around-the-clock to instantly engage your website visitors.


Like in the above image, you can customise your chatbot to suit your business style, specify the questions it asks, and how it responds. You can do this for different web pages and based on the replies you get, you can qualify the leads and assign them to a sales representative if required.  

  1. Live Chat 

While the LeadBooster Chatbot is an effective tool for warming up and qualifying leads, sometimes you need human interaction to take the lead further in the journey. 

LeadBooster Live Chat, is a feature that enables your sales reps to remotely engage with leads who are interacting with your chatbot in real time. See a sample conversation:


If an existing customer visits your website and uses your Chatbot to ask a question that cannot be answered by your Q&A or support centre pages, a customer service representative can jump in and assist the consumer. 

The Live Chat feature is also helpful when your chatbot identifies a prospective high-value lead that you want to connect with a sales representative right away. 

  1. Prospector 

Prospector is a LeadBooster add-on that helps you source leads from a database of over 400 million profiles based on your ideal customer persona (ICP). 

Rather than spending time and money working on unlikely prospects, you can use filters like location, job title, and industry to create personas of your target customers on Prospector.  


The Prospector will source the best leads from the database and reveal the contact information of the leads, like social media profiles, email addresses, and direct-dial phone numbers, as shown in the image above. 

Prospector tools comply fully with GDPR and other international data regulations. 

  1. Web Forms 

You can use web forms to collect data from your website visitors and potential clients. This enables businesses to find out who visited their website, then devise ways to engage them in conversation, and possibly turn them into customers.



The image above is an example of a Pipedrive webform. They are easy to create and offer a lot of customisation options. It also offers seamless CRM integration, enabling it to store the collected information straight in your CRM. 

Why Your Company Needs Pipedrive LeadBooster

Your business needs Pipedrive LeadBooster to increase conversion rates. With all of its features, it can help your business grow and expand in a relatively short amount of time. You can integrate this tool with Pipedrive CRM and have all your marketing tools in one place, making it easier to share information.  

Here are some of the ways LeadBooster can help your business: 

Charm Leads with End-to-End Customer Experiences 

For medium to large-scale enterprises to build an impressive customer experience, they should be able to impress customers from the first point of contact through to post-sales. The modern consumer expects a quick, personalised buying experience. Using Pipedrive CRM and LeadBooster can help you streamline your operations and turn leads into customers. 

Here are some of the ways LeadBooster can help your team create an effective customer experience:

  • Easy setup of web forms unique to your brand
  • Shorter user journey by providing your team with the information they need
  • Customised chatbots tailored to answer common questions of your target customers
  • Seamless CRM integration
  • Lead Scoring
  • Cloud sharing to communicate ongoing processes with every member of the team, keeping them prepared to provide personalised experiences for leads
  • Reports and insights which can help improve your lead generation efforts
  • Importing functions of the lead generation software to enable marketing automation

Empower Your Reps with Lead Generation Superpowers

With a database of over 400 million profiles, your marketing team can effectively increase lead generation with Pipedrive LeadBooster. Using the Prospector feature, your team can source different leads based on your company’s ICP. This is made easier with filters that help narrow the search to only potential customers. 

Other than the Prospector, LeadBooster empowers your reps to: 

  • Collect the information they need using customised web forms
  • Segment newly qualified leads with custom filters and plan an effective outreach 
  • Get leads from anywhere since there are multiple ways to share forms — website, social media, directly to contacts
  • Pair Live chat and chatbots to enable ease of transition when a sales rep is needed
  • Integrate chatbot and live chat to Pipedrive’s Scheduler to book sales meetings

How LeadBooster Can Boost Conversions and Fill Your Sales Pipeline

As we have established earlier, LeadBooster is the tool guaranteed to fill up your sales pipeline and increase conversion rates. Here’s how it achieves that: 

  1. Find outbound leads by using Prospector

When you have a database of potential customers, lead generation becomes much easier. LeadBooster's robust, GDPR-compliant Prospector database provides information on over 10 million companies and 400 million individuals.

LeadBooster Prospector makes prospecting a breeze. After creating buyer and customer personas, use your credits to find the verified contact information, such as the job history, email address, and phone number, of your most sought-after potential leads.

  1. Use a chatbot to reveal countless sales opportunities

Your sales reps only have a limited amount of time to work each day. A Chatbot works 24/7, and customers are searching 24/7 as well. If your lead generation strategy is solely based on reps manually responding to prospects, you may be missing out on a significant number of leads.

You can create simple pathways and custom fields to get relevant lead information. Following the execution of the LeadBooster chatbot, your reps can implement their follow-up strategy with confidence because they are working with reliable data.

  1. Redirect warm leads from chatbots to live chats

When Chatbot is unable to assist with a query or when the bot identifies a high-value lead, Live Chat takes over. You can easily set up your chatbot to direct a lead to a sales rep via live chat messaging based on the criteria you specify. 

  1. Simplify data collection with webforms

The more effective touchpoints you implement throughout your company, the more leads you will generate. Web forms are a remarkably efficient way to collect vital information from leads. 

After customising your form template, you can embed it in your website, share it on social media, include it in email marketing, and more. 

Get Complete Oversight of Your Lead Activity with Pipedrive

Pipedrive is the #1 user-rated CRM tool. It’s the easy-to-use sales CRM and pipeline management software that helps you get more qualified leads and grow your business. With add-ons like LeadBooster, adopting this software will boost your lead generation process. 

The following features of Pipedrive can help you track your overall lead activity:

  1. Customisable Reports

Deal reporting provides information on the length of the sales cycle, win rates, and loss patterns. You can also use lead reports to identify the source of your leads and those that will most likely convert. 

  1. Interactive Dashboards 

Pipedrive’s dashboard designs make KPI management less tedious. It enables you to quickly view and share your company’s critical metrics. With clearly visualized lead information, you can make better sales decisions.

  1. Goal Setting

You can use Pipedrive’s interactive dashboards to track the progress of company goals. This feature also lets you add and track assignees, sales cycle and duration, and expected results, as well as easily measure performance with goals. 


At this point, it should be common knowledge that there’s no better lead generation tool than LeadBooster. Together with Pipedrive CRM, your business growth is guaranteed. 

If you’re not convinced, a trial might help. 

Sign up for a 30-day trial with Pipedrive. Or do you prefer to speak with a Pipedrive expert? Book a time here

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