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Pipedrive Subscription Plans: Which One is Best For Your Business?

Pipedrive Subscription Plans: Which One is Best For Your Business?

If you’re looking for simplicity, an easy-to-use user interface, and using automated email marketing and lead tracking in your marketing strategy, Pipedrive is unbeatable. With countless awards and used by more than 100,000 businesses around the world, Pipedrive can help you ramp-up your sales and revenue like no other.

If you’re ready to dive into Pipedrive, you may have noticed its four tier plan structure. Are you wondering which Pipedrive plan makes the most sense for your small-to-medium business? This article will help demystify it for you. Here, we provide a full breakdown of each of Pipedrive’s tiers, explain the benefits, and make recommendations as to which tier may serve your needs best.

Pipedrive offers four tiers for every type of small business budget, each of which can help your small business. 

While you may have a very clear understanding of what you need right now, it is critical to think ahead and plan for the future–your business may be a small startup right now, but with a CRM as good as Pipedrive helping you hit all your targets, you might need to switch tiers sooner than you think. To prevent having to switch tiers down the road, consider evaluating each tier for your business and learning about each plan’s features.


The Essential tier is the lowest tier, and perfect for small businesses that are in the beginning stages and who are looking to implement the most basic, simple processes. Aptly named, this tier offers the most basic Pipedrive functionalities, including:

  • Lead, deal and pipeline management
  • Simple data import and easy customisation
  • 24/7 support and easy integrations

If you’re looking for a plan that simply does the job, this is it. This will give you a taste of Pipedrive’s functionality. It has all the basics, including lead, deal and pipeline management–including pipeline customization. As with all Pipedrive plans, data importing, exporting and duplication can be completed with just a couple of clicks. This tier also includes sales reports, over 250 integrations (including Google Calendar sync, contact sync and Mailchimp). If you’re on a limited budget, this plan is the perfect option–at just under $15 USD a month (when billed annually), it is incredibly economically priced for the power it packs. However, being the most basic plan, there are limitations on how many users, deals, contacts and products you can add. The most important features missing from the Essentials plan are Workflow Automations and Email integration.


The Advanced tier is the next stage, and a solid choice for small businesses who are ready to start scaling up and automating some key processes. This tier not only offers all the features of the Essential plan, but it significantly increases your ability to track communications. Some of the key features include:

  • Full email sync with templates and scheduling
  • Group emailing plus open and click tracking
  • Workflow builder with triggered automations

The Advanced plan includes a number of upgrades, including: two-way enterprise email sync, customizable email templates, ability to track email opens and clicks, and email scheduling. There are extra automation features such as smart contact data, which automatically fills each lead’s profile with information obtained from their online behaviour, as well as extra communication features such as video call scheduling. However, the real value of this tier is in the full email synchronisation component. This allows every aspect of your Pipedrive marketing strategy to be integrated into email, which is key for leveraging your marketing insights and data, as well as your client history. This plan is incredibly cost-effective–for just $10 more than the Essential plan, your business can scale up in no time, and you’ll be hitting your targets with dizzying speed. 


The Professional tier is the perfect choice for both small and large businesses who need more advanced reporting capabilities and the Pipedrive SmartDocs feature. The Professional tier includes superior reporting, automation and team management tools, along with enhanced integrations with Google Workspace, including Google Sheets and Google Slides, as well as document tracking and eSigning. Here are some of the most important features:

  • Create, manage and eSign documents and contracts
  • Revenue projections, forecasts and enhanced custom reporting

At just under $50 USD per month on an annual subscription, the Professional tier is a sensible choice if your goal is to expand, grow and scale up.


The Enterprise tier unlocks Pipedrive’s full potential for your business, giving you unparalleled, unrestricted and limitless luxury. The Enterprise tier is the only tier that offers full phone support and an implementation program to ensure that you are never left high and dry. It also provides a wealth of limitless features, including unlimited user permission, unlimited team management, unlimited visual dashboards, an unlimited report limit, unlimited meeting schedule, and unlimited open deal limits for your company. If you want the most, this is the tier to choose. These features take the Enterprise tier above and beyond:

  • Unlimited user permission and visibility settings
  • Additional and heightened security preferences
  • Implementation program and phone support
  • No feature usage limits

Starting at $99 USD monthly, the Enterprise plan can literally do it all for your small business.

Try Before You Buy

If you’re still not sure which tier is right for you, not a problem! Each plan comes with a 14-day free trial for you to test which tier is right for you. This is the perfect opportunity to test-drive not just the tier that is perfect for your needs right now, but the tier that has all the features you would want in the future. Sampling Pipedrive’s free trials will really allow you to get a feel of the software and discover how it can manage your sales and marketing processes.

Conclusion: Leave it to the Experts at Motii 

With Pipedrive CRM, you can dramatically improve your sales process and accelerate your business development efforts.

If you're searching for a Pipedrive solution to improve the operations of your sales, marketing, or service teams, Motii can help. 

Motii is a Pipedrive Elite partner in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. We offer CRM, project management, marketing automation, and telephone setup and training. Contact us today to begin transforming your small business with industry experts.

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