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Pipedrive’s new Power Plan and Repackaging Key Points

Power Plan, Booster Packs and Facelifts: The Key Points

Pipedrive is calling it ‘Repackaging’ because there is a new plan being introduced (Power Plan), the Professional plan is refreshed with more features and a new Booster Pack add-on is being introduced. 

What is the New Power plan?

The Power plan represents a remarkable value proposition, as users who would usually subscribe to the Professional plan, Projects, and other add-ons can now see significant cost savings and receive a greater overall benefit by upgrading to the Power Plan. 

  • It sits between the Professional and Enterprise plans (the middle child)
  • The Power Plan includes access to Projects and expanded capacity limits, making it a superior option for those seeking to maximize their investment
  • It has 5x more permissions, visibility groups and teams than Professional
  • Higher usage for custom reports and workflows
  • And [Coming soon] it will have enhanced Automations

The option to test Power for 14 days should be available for anyone, even if your company has already benefited from the trial for Professional before, simply go into settings → billing → change plans → "try Professional/Power free"

Also you can log into Pipedrive's pricing page to view the Power Pack detail and click on 'see all features' to compare plans.

Repackaging, why?

  • It’s aimed to give customers more value when they choose to upgrade to Professional Plan
  • Customers on Professional who are close to hitting feature usage limits now have more flexible options with the Add On packs b
  • The Power plan and Add on Packs offer a real solution that is suitable for larger teams between Professional and Enterprise plans

The Professional plan refreshed!!

Now, along with key benefits such as Smart Docs e-Signatures, forecast view, revenue reporting and setting required fields, Pipedrive have added the below new features to the Professional plan, it's really being beefed up!! 

  • Formula and pipeline-specific fields to save time and improve focus 
  • Automatic assignment (aka round robin) to instantly distribute leads to the right reps 
  • Deal card customisation to show only key info  
  • Multiple email sync (July) for better visibility of sales conversions and 
  • Shared inbox (Sept) for tighter collaboration between teams

Pipedrive’s Booster Pack Add-On

Pipedrive has launched Packs add-ons for customers hitting their usage limits on the Professional plan. There are three new add-ons implemented, each comes with two tiers: Standard and Premium:

1. Team Management Pack 

2. Reports Pack

3. Automations Pack 

You may be wondering how Boosters work in regards to company user level? Are boosters applied to the whole account and then any user (admin or regular, if they have permissions enabled) will have access to the extra capabilities (i.e. +150 reports) until the limits are reached again? 

  • The boosters work exactly like the existing features, meaning
  • Teams, visibility groups and permission sets are given per company
  • Workflow automations and reports are given per user. 


This of course depends on where you live, so you can find the answer in your Pipedrive account in the billing section.

To view or add the packs to you account simply go to the billing section in your Pipedrive account. You can choose to purchase any, or all 3 of the different add-ons from the add-ons page to increase your cap limits. 

In Summary

Pipedrive has been listening to their customers and they have completely restructured their plan options to better serve you at different journey stages based on your team size, usage, feature needs etc. Their updates offer a scalable control of account permissions and visibilities, project management capabilities as well as increased feature usage limits.

The additions to the Professional Plan are welcomed. The Power Plan is a strategical middle step between Pro and Enterprise and was much needed. And having the Booster Pack Add-Ons available to the Prfessional Pland provides even greater flexibility.

Two thumbs up from Motii 👍👍

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