Kixie is an AI-powered voice and SMS solution for sales. Supercharge your CRM into an automated sales machine with an intelligent autodialer

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Kixie have a superior Pipedrive integration. Sales staff can send SMS and make phone calls directly out of the CRM, with all comms recorded against the relevant contact and logged as sales Pipedrive Activities.

Kixie handles all of your telephony requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone setups. Plus there are a whole bunch of features that will help you sell more.

From call distribution, sequencing, forwarding, voicemail drops, setting of business hours and availability, bulk SMS and lots more. You will find that Kixie and Pipedrive work brilliantly together to make your team work professionally while looking professional.  

It's time to turbo charge your sales experience

Motii has worked with clients from around the world and across all industries with experience in SaaS, IT, Real Estate, Financial Services, Business Services, Hospitality, Retail and Wholesale, Education, Health and more.

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"It's been just an amazing experience to work with the Motii team. They are fantastic communicators and ensure that the work has been scoped out and delivered as per the plan. They are very attentive to the smallest detail and deliver a great quality of work overall."
Tom Ormerod
Melbourne, Australia