ūü•á Motii has been announced as Pipedrive's GLOBAL PARTNER¬†OF¬†THE¬†YEAR! ūü•ā

Motii offers a FREE tailored onboarding package to get your Pipedrive system up and running

Choose your own adventure - you can come to these meetings with a list of questions you want answered or we can aim to follow the agenda below. Or both!

Session 1

We'll show you the power of Pipedrive and then evaluate your needs with a demo and diagnostic workshop. Then we review your situation, problems and requirements and take care of the Pipedrive basics for you.

45 minute session includes:

  • Business 360 review
  • Pipedrive demo
  • Sync emails with Pipedrive
  • Pipedrive Pipelines
  • Leads vs Deals
  • Activity Training

Session 2

We design a customised solution based on the results of our first session. We devise an action plan and begin process of turning Pipedrive into a sales machine for your business.

45 minute session includes:

  • Custom Fields
  • Activity Types setup
  • Lost Reasons
  • Team onboarding
  • Workflows and automations

Session 3

We work with you to fine tune your Pipedrive sales engine to ensure you can make the most of your trial and ensure the best chance of success.

45 minute session includes:

  • Reporting 101
  • Data structures
  • Custom filter views for Activities
  • User permissions and security
  • Review your sales processes
  • Integrations and optimisations


Motii have customised Pipedrive specifically for property developers and the results are first rate. The visual pipeline and easy tracking of leads make staying on top of sales, even with our long lead times, straightforward and foolproof. By combining the right setup, customising it to reflect our specific workflow, then adding custom reports, forms and features we save hours a week and no prospect ever falls through the cracks. We love seeing a snapshot of exactly what has been sold for the month and by which sales agent. Pipedrive is a first-rate CRM, and the Motii team’s changes to adapt it to the property development industry make it the best choice for developers who want an easy to use CRM that salespeople love to use. Motii’s background in the industry helps immensely. They know what we want and how to deliver it.

Daniel Ryan Cube Developments QLD Australia