Business Brokers CRM

Motii is a
next-gen CRM

Motii is the clever software and people behind some of the world's highest-performing Business Broking sales teams.

Visual CRM

Business Brokers Pipelines designed for your industry

Better lead management with a beautiful drag-and-drop interface that’s easy to use. Including your daily activities and tasks, it’s your personal assistant that never sleeps.

Powered by

Lead management

Effective & easy contact control

Switch between your listing prospects, hot buyers and current vendors in seconds. Business Brokers, never lose an opportunity.

  • Simple and visual lead management
  • Historic contact data
  • Daily reminders and activities

Why Motii?

Success today requires more then just a Business Broker's CRM. Motii is created for high-value sales, customised to your team and powered by Pipedrive
- the worlds leading visual, easy to use CRM.

Track deals

Deals that are clear as day

The modern, all-inclusive system with a kick-ass user experience that’s been completely customised for today's Business Broking team.

  • Custom reporting
  • Integrated forms
  • Deal history data



Business at a glance

Hot prospects are fed straight into your sales pipelines with all their information + history  included. Get leads 24/7 with an artificial intelligence powered chatbot


Do the right job faster

Save time with a centralised communication system that speeds up the sales cycle. Have a state of the art phone app and mobile-friendly forms at your fingertips


Track and trace comms

Your contacts' history in one spot. Review emails, follow-up on calls, read past notes. Be prepared and have all your data on hand, anywhere

"Been just an amazing experience to work with the Motii team. They are fantastic communicators and ensure that the work has been scoped out and delivered as per the plan. They ensure that lines of communication are always open and they look to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. They are also very attentive to the smallest detail and knows the system well to ensure great quality of work overall."

Tom Ormerod
Melbourne, Australia


We get your running fast

Motii has thought about what needs to happen and when. So there is not months of endless customisation at your cost. Sensible processes are already built into your system, then tailored for your Business Brokers needs.

Sales automation

Work smarter -not harder.

Automate your time-consuming marketing and sales tasks without lifting a finger. Business Broker CRM made easy

Reports & Forms

Easy to use, beautiful reports and forms

Everything from automated vendor reports to sexy sales dashboards, phone friendly open home and offer forms.
Sensible processes are built into your system, then tailored for your needs. Motii makes selling and reporting easy.

Business Brokers CRM Training & Support

We’re with you for every step

Live training and access 24/7 to the Motii University, where easy-to-consume content is designed for no-nonsense professional growth.

Feature highlights

World's easiest to use CRM

Automated & beautiful vendor reports

Every conversation and action in one place

Award winning, easy to use mobile app

Stunning sales & business dashboards

Integrated listing portal with social share

Portal enquiries and
lead sync

Mobile friendly offer forms

One click mobile status updates for all deals

Track calls, SMS & emails for full contact history

Contract signing online for faster sales

Simply close more sales

Visual sales pipeline with deal value

Marketing made easy, stay front of mind

This is the new way to work

Success in one experience

FAQ - Business Brokers CRM

Is Motii affordable?


Motii offers a plug-and-play solution for US based wholesalers and investors. We know your industry and know what it takes to get you started. Prices from $499.

Does Motii specialise in Wholesaling/Investor/Land Sales Real Estate in the US?


Yes. Motii has worked closely with some of the most successful flippers, investors, wholesalers and land sharks in the US. Our system is based on their experience and success.

What about digital signing tools?


Motii offers a seamless digital signing experience. We have integrated SignEasy into Pipedrive so that everything is perfect. Contracts, reservation forms, options and NDAs are completed and sent to your prospects with the press of a button

I do mass-marketing via SMS and email - does Motii make it easy?


So easy. You can simply build a list of targets with the system and easily hit them with a mass-SMS when a lot gets added to your inventory. The same with email. Sell your land and contracts faster and easier with Motii

What about long term nurturing via email marketing and SMS?


With Motii’s customised for real estate deep-integration of Autopilot (class leading marketing automation tool), you’re able to send targeted SMS and emails niche groups of contacts. Sudden price drop notification? It takes seconds with Motii.

Does Motii allow SMS and phone call to be made directly out of the system?


Yes. You can phone prospects via the computer directly from their contact record. The phne call is recorded straight into the system. You can also SMS from the system and have the SMS record as a completed task. Super-charge your productivity today

What is the Motii Wizard?


The wizard is the background work that Motii has done to Pipedrive so you don’t have to. Technically it is an API layer that we have developed so we can leverage the full-power of Pipedrive and other systems for US-based investors, wholesalers and flippers.

Does Motii offer a mobile app?


Yes. Pipedrive’s award winning mobile app is best in class. It is a pleasure to use and saves time and increases productivity. Best of all, you’ll never miss an opportunity to make money

Are sales reports available?


Motii build beautiful internal sales reports for you and your team. Click here for a real life wholesaler example

"All I can say is WOW.
We hired the Motii team for an intense 6-month project involving a ton of in-depth sales and marketing automations. They were all the utmost professionals in how they approached everything. Their execution, their communication, their follow up. Everything."

Matt Doyal
New York City, USA

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