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Davis Lighting supply lighting solutions to the construction industry with more than 1000 clients in 10 countries


Pipedrive CRM

A CRM for the construction industry, optimised by Motii & powered by Pipedrive

The building and construction industry is unique. Sub-contractors, builders, architects, QS's, end-client: they all have their role in landing you the job. Motii's methods allow you to capture their involvement at every stage of the sales process.

For example, every time a new sub-contractor is involved in a job, you can quick-add them and then easily report on the percentage of won/lost jobs that involve that sub-contractor.

Why is Pipedrive the best Construction CRM software?


Manage leads and deals

You need a Construction CRM that allows you to track the involvement of everyone from sub-contractors to builders. Motii makes it easy with our unique custom fields automation.


Track communications

Create activities for every integration and track the history of a job. All your emails, phone-calls, and tasks in one place. Get back control through visibility.


Automate and grow

Automate important tasks. What about if every time you win a job, the factory is alerted within minutes? Or a Job ID is auto-created for all new deals? The possibilities are endless.


Insights and reports

Need to know how often you win a job when a certain builder, architect or contractor is involved? It is easy with Pipedrive's beautiful dashboards.


Mobile apps and integration

With sales teams out on the road and working across regions and countries, Pipedrive's world-class mobile app is a lifesaver.


Privacy and security

A CRM for Construction companies needs to protect sensitive data. We do this with a wide array of visibility and permissions settings.


Pipedrive CRM Customisation

We optimise Pipedrive for the construction industry

Motii leverages the Pipedrive API and our deep industry understanding to build a CRM for you. We understand what makes the best construction CRM. We know what makes the industry tick, and we can customise your system so you capture the data you need to inform the decisions you need to make.

Tailored Construction CRM Systems

UNique construction CRM setup

Customised for construction

Motii knows what is important to you and has years of experience setting up Pipedrive CRM for your industry.

data that drives smart decisions

Metrics that makes sense

Draw the right conclusions by surfacing the information that is important to your business. Find out who really makes a difference in you winning deals.

automate the everyday

Save time and money

Your time is too valuable to be spent on busy work. Eliminate repetitive tasks and bring consistency to your processes.


Workflow Automations

Put an end to repetitive tasks by automating your business

Quality and consistency go hand in hand and your team's sales performance is improved by removing the busy work so they can focus on selling. Coupled with Pipedrive's beautiful, visual sales pipelines inside the world's easiest to use Construction CRM, your team will be unstoppable.

It is selling made easy.

Common Construction CRM automations


Automate deal flow

Leads are fed straight into your pipelines from all key sources. Websites, live chat and even by AI powered chatbots


Automate email & SMS

Send emails and SMS based on triggers like new lead, proposal sent, deal in negotiation or contract signed.

In a growth phase?

Scale your business like a pro

Allow your team to reach its full potential by removing busy work and allowing them to focus on what really matters.



Integrate Pipedrive to your key systems

From accounting to ERP to digital signing and telephony, every business has unique requirements. Motii can help you get your systems talking to each other and provide you with the best Construction Industry CRM

Popular integrations

Calls & SMS

Just Call

A flexible cloud based-phone system for your sales and support teams that is integrated so that you can see your entire communication history with a client in one spot.



A master of visual marketing with a native Pipedrive integration and an additional API boost that gives sales super power to this already amazing product.

Document signing


The easiest way to send, receive and manage legally binding electronic signatures. Get mobility, reliability, and ease of use you need to digitally transform your business.

pipedrive api client

Motii Wizard

The Moti Wizard is an API client built by Motii. It allows you to customise Pipedrive to your exact requirements without lengthy and costly development work. With the Wizard the hard work is done.

Password Management


The top password manager & safe vault because we believe in your security. Logins are needed quickly + safely. And for you your passwords will always be remembered - Bonus!



Be seen doing things the modern way. Revolutionary usability with visual sales pipelines and automations  all in one place, the world's easiest to use CRM

Why Motii?

Motii exists to help your organisation scale-up and thrive. Our team of Pipedrive expert consultants are passionate about diving deeply into your business and developing customised solutions. We then provide expert Pipedrive training and support to ensure company-wide adoption and project success.


"Motii showed us how the right Real Estate CRM can make a difference. Pipedrive's activities remind me of all the little things I need to do each day. And it’s the little things matter. Plus on a macro level it is gratifying to have a bird’s eye view of the entire business. I don’t think they realised what a positive effect it has on our lives due to the reduction of stress. You have made me, Nicholas and Hilary very happy."

Jacqueline den Uil, Realista Quality Real Estate, Marbella, Spain

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