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Brokers, Harness the Power of your Data Through Pipedrive CRM

Imagine generating tonnes of new leads and clients on your website daily, but losing them because you were unable to capture their data or too busy to enter the information into a CRM.

Not so great for growth, is it? 

If you want to gain a competitive edge over your colleagues in the world of finance brokerage, you need an efficient means of collecting relevant data about your leads and clients. The ideal tool for you, based on our expertise in these types of recommendations, is either Pipedrive Web Forms or Cognito Forms. 

Find out how you can seamlessly integrate data from these forms into Pipedrive CRM.

From Your Web Pages into Pipedrive CRM — Capture Data with Ease

Many organisations use a tool called web forms on their websites. It allows your website visitors to send you information, like entering their details on a contact page or filling out requirements in a loan form. The benefit of using these web forms is their ease in seamlessly integrating with your CRM, keeping you updated about leads and prospects. 


For a visitor, they serve as a means of interaction with your brokerage company. For you, they’re a data collection tool for gathering details like address, marital status, desired loan amount, amount of income, Proof of ID and other information needed for marketing. 

With the right tool, such as Pipedrive’s Web forms, or Cognito forms, you can populate all this information into a single location like Pipedrive CRM. Pipedrive then helps you analyse this data, notifies you to act upon certain data and triggers any automation or tasks that surround it. 

This workflow automation enables you to provide an excellent customer experience for the client and seamless data storage for yourself. 

Here’s How it Works:

When your preferred web form software captures data for a prospect, it stores it directly in the Pipedrive CRM. Immediately, the prospect can receive an automatic ‘thank you’ email reply and inserts their details into a newsletter marketing journey that you have designed for new prospects. 

On your end, you receive a notification to follow up with your prospect, a process that’s made easy since you can access the entire history of the new client in one place.

More importantly, after the prospect becomes a client you’ll need them to complete application forms. The process may be complex, but with your web forms integrated into Pipedrive CRM, you’ll get a form with all the client’s data in one place. This form can be edited, and modified at a later date. 

This all-encompassing form will populate all the documents needed for an application, including their Driver’s license, and bank statements, into your central source of truth — Pipedrive CRM.

How Your Web Form Integrations Should Serve You

If you already use contact forms, landing pages or web forms, are you maximising their full capacity? Your forms should seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow, making lead capturing and management efficient and easy all while keeping you ahead of the game in the finance world. See how:

  1. Must Be Versatile Enough to Fit Your Needs

It should be easily customisable to match your branding, accept images or PDF’s and be a good user experience. Form software should be tailorable to meet your industry’s specific needs, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience.  

  1. Should Seamlessly Integrate With Your CRM

Your forms should integrate seamlessly with your CRM, gathering lead data and automatically feeding the data into specific fields or notes. It should also segment the lead and trigger notifications, labels, and have automations to ensure lead nurturing. 

  1. Should Keep Customer Data Highly Secure

Of course, security is a major concern for finance brokers, especially because of the nature of your work. You shouldn’t have to worry about security problems or data leaks with your web forms. Web forms that work with Pipedrive CRM are proven to be secure.

Capture Relevant Data with Pipedrive CRM 

Data empowers you to serve your clients better and more efficiently. This helps you gain your clients’ trust, which is crucial for your career as a financial professional. You need an efficient tool that simplifies the data collection process for you. Pipedrive CRM is the ultimate solution for seamless data gathering and an improved customer experience. 

Need help transitioning to Pipedrive? We’re an Elite level Pipedrive partner with expertise in the financial sector, and we’ve helped many professionals like you leverage the game-changing tool that is Pipedrive. So, reach out to us today, and let our team of experts show you how to use  Pipedrive CRM to harness the power of data in your finance brokerage firm. 

You can request a demonstration of the entire Pipedrive LeadBooster package to see how it meets your specific needs as a financial industry professional. We also offer you a free extended 21-day trial to help you explore Pipedrive. Get in touch with us now.

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