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CRM for the Finance Industry

Welcome to the fascinating world of customer relationship management systems (CRM’s). This blog is tailored specifically for finance professionals like yourself, and we will go over some of the key areas your CRM should be managing for you. 

Before we get started, let us introduce what a CRM is.

What is a CRM?

A CRM is a customer relationship management software. Imagine having a powerful tool at your fingertips that not only helps you store prospect data, enhance client interactions and relationships but also revolutionises the way you handle financial data collection?

That is what a CRM can do.

A CRM is like having a brilliant assistant by your side, offering indispensable support and saving you time. It is a platform that centralises all of your customer information, activities, and communications in one secure database. 

Say goodbye to those tiresome spreadsheets, scattered documents, and scribbled notes you've been using to keep track of customer data. With a CRM, it's all organised efficiently, saving you time and energy.

But here's where things get truly exciting! A CRM customised to your needs goes beyond mere organisation. It equips you with the tools you need to plan and execute outreach initiatives, automate your data collection processes and manage intricate customer interactions.

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So, let's take a look at some of the top things your CRM should be doing for you

  1. Collecting your application data

Imagine a world where you no longer have to chase down scattered documents or manually enter information into countless spreadsheets. By integrating your application forms into your CRM, capturing financial application data becomes a breeze.

A top notch CRM should be able to capture, store and organise all of your application data in one place. This can be done by integrating your website forms directly into your CRM, with the data stored in the related customer fields. 

Pipedrive seamlessly connects with over 350 apps and integrations. Giving you greater ability to connect your data to your CRM with ease. 

  1. Automating follow ups and tasks

Picture this: You're juggling a multitude of client meetings, deadlines, and application forms all while trying to maintain your sanity. With a CRM system tailored for finance professionals, you can bid farewell to the days of manually tracking your client follow-ups while drowning in a sea of to-do lists. 

Some simple automations to get you started should include; 

  • Set a follow up reminder 2 days after a proposal is sent
  • A simple ‚Äėthank you‚Äô email sends automatically when a client completes a form
  • Automatically notify the team when a deal is won
  1. Nurture your clients into lifelong customers

For a finance broker, a CRM can become your secret weapon to nurturing your clients and transforming them into loyal, lifelong customers.

Through automation and thoughtful workflows, a CRM can ensure that no opportunity for engagement is missed. By prompting you to reach out at key touchpoints, such as anniversaries, life events, or even market shifts that might impact your clients' financial goals, you can be seen as their trusted financial partner.  By proactively nurturing your clients and consistently delivering exceptional service, you can forge connections that stand the test of time.

  1. Simplify your sales tracking process

A CRM can help you manage your sales process through customisable pipelines. Picture it as a visual roadmap that guides you from prospecting to closing deals. No more guessing or feeling overwhelmed. A pipeline allows you to track your leads, monitor their progress, and identify potential bottlenecks or areas that need attention. It's like having a GPS for your sales journey, keeping you on track to achieve your targets.

You can easily categorise your leads based on their stage in the pipeline, assign tasks and follow-ups, and collaborate seamlessly with your team.

A CRM like Pipedrive can outline and visualise the stages of the sales process in your pipeline. Plan CRM activities, forecast your performance and spot sales issues early on.

It's like having a virtual sales assistant that keeps you organised, focused, and in control of every step of your sales process.


Are you using a CRM yet? 

It's time to embrace the power of a CRM and take your client relationships to new levels. From capturing application data effortlessly to automating follow-ups and tasks, your CRM will be there every step of the way. It will save you time, boost your productivity, and enable you to provide an unparalleled level of service. Nurture your clients with care, and watch them transform into lifelong customers who trust and rely on you for all their financial needs.

Need help implementing a CRM into your business? As an Elite level partner with Pipedrive, we understand how to best leverage Pipedrive and our experience in the finance sector gives us the know-how to get the most out of a solution.  Let us show you how Pipedrive can do everything we have discussed, and more. Simply reach out to us and one of our expert CRM team can find the right solution for you. 

We can offer you demonstration and training packages, all the way through to turn key solutions, all specifically tailored to the finance industry .

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