• Ben Fuller

Good communication with your sales team is a forgotten art

Being a great sales manager is hard work. Even if you have a track record in sales, maybe your consistently the top performer in your company, being a great sales manager is a different set of skills. Real communication skills are your best asset. But even more important are listening skills.

Motii recently surveyed a range of our clients, big and small. From 3 Pipedrive users to 90 Pipedrive users. Here is what we learned from both sales managers and sales people.

  • One-third of sales managers feel they cannot control the KPIs they are held to

  • Over 60% of sales people missed quota in the last quarter

  • 75% of salespeople feel their sales team is carrying deadweight

  • Less than half of all salespeople feel they truly understand their customer

  • Two-thirds of sales people feel their pipeline is accurate

  • Just under 50% of sales people feel they don't have the materials they need to close properly

  • Less than 60% of sales people feel they can access the people they need to do their jobs properly

All of this is interesting but the key points here revolve around making sure sales people feel heard, making sure you're available to answer their questions, ensuring they have the materials they need to do their job and working with them to make changes to the systems they use so that they reflect reality today, not three years ago. Many of the issues above can be fixed with better communication.

Even if you are using Pipedrive well, chances are there are improvements that can be made. Businesses change and evolve but too often, their Pipedrive doesn't change with them. And even more often, their pipelines and processes reflect the wishes of sales managers not the sales people at the coal face and definitely not the customers.

Your Pipedrive pipeline should reflect your interactions with your customers and be designed with your customers in mind.

So get out there and talk with your sales people. Talk it your customers. Listen. Learn. Make changes. Build a customer journey map. Compare it to how your sales pipeline looks and functions. Check your Activities and Lost reasons. Are they still relevant? Are they being used. If not, ask why not.

Ask your sales people if they need updated materials, what changes they'd like to see. Ask them about the customers they service. Make sure they are able to put themselves in the customers shoes and that they understand the pain points in the customer journey.