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How Motii Approaches a Project

Our Processes - How Motii approaches a project 


Getting software implementation right comes down to a few simple ingredients. Understanding your business needs, creating the right solution, a robust onboarding program to ensure adoption and keeping momentum whilst embedding the solution. Motii focuses on meeting your objectives and delivering a solution that improves your business. 

Discovery call 

Not every customer needs Motii’s services. On our discovery call, we listen to your needs and work with you to understand your requirements. How are things currently working and why do you believe change needs to happen? 

 Map your current processes 

Motii uses Miro to map your processes so that everyone can understand the current situation. We then take this Miro board and edit it to provide you with a visual representation of how your processes could look. Working with drag and drop imagery allows for quick iterations and robust discussion. We identify easy wins and categorise potential projects into project phases. 

 We want to know about the areas of your business processes that are working well. This includes looking at ways to adapt and work with systems you currently have in place. We use this as a starting point for making iterative improvements. 


After the discovery phase and when we feel we have a deep enough understanding of your needs, we put together a proposal. Motii focuses on simplicity over complexity and understands that overhauling every single system at once is likely to be met with resistance and confusion. We concentrate on the biggest wins first and break the proposal down into bite-sized chunks of work. 

 Kick-off Meeting

The kick-off meeting is where we make all the team introductions on both sides. Outline the details of the implementation and make sure we have all of the required data and information to start the project. We review everything we learned during the discovery phase and dig a little deeper into your requirements, objectives & goals. 


Following the kick-off call and receiving all the login details we need, we adjust for any new information and lock-in timeframes. We designate our team responsibilities and keep open communication with the client of progress. 

 Break down the project into Sprints

Motii works in an agile fashion and projects are broken down into 3 or 4 sections each with a series of goals and outcomes. Building block essentially. Each of these sprints is made up of many individual tasks. We work iteratively to implement your requirements and constantly provide updates,¬† feedback and suggestions. Meetings are held regularly providing you with a ‚Äėhands-on‚Äô experience of your new system as it is being built.¬†

 Video-Based Training Manual

A video-based training manual is provided to every client. Consisting of approximately 15 x 2-to-5 minute videos, each covering a specific use case specific to your system. This is your live document that is constantly updated. Not only during the training phase but over the months and years as your system and needs grow. This is used for both training new staff and reinforcing good habits for existing users. 

 Live Training

Motii provides live training for your teams. For larger companies, multiple live training sessions can be delivered focusing on department or location needs. Each training session is 45-minutes to an hour and interactively shows your team through the system from start to finish. They get the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and have those concerns allayed or noted to improve your system even further.


By the time ‚Äėgo-live‚Äô happens, you will be comfortable with your system as your whole team will have watched the training videos and completed live training sessions. Motii takes the stress out of ‚Äėgo-live‚Äô by thoroughly preparing you for the day and being available to support you in those first crucial hours.¬† We make sure that everything runs smoothly.¬†

 One-Week Review

After your team has got used to their improved systems and structures, it is time to review and see if any changes are required. Is there a process that could be executed differently? Can we eliminate some more manual work by adding additional automations or perhaps plugging in another existing software? 

 Ongoing relationship

Working with Motii does not need to be set and forget. While some clients have wanted to bring everything to do with their new business systems fully in-house, the majority rely on Motii for expert advice and iterative changes to the system over time. The more you use the system the more your eyes open up to the opportunities to make systems and processes even more seamless. 

Motii provides the option of ad-hoc support or support packages at a discounted rate so you can tweak and fine-tune your new system when needed. 


With offices in eleven countries across Asia and all of these different teams using different systems, we knew we had challenges ahead. The Motii team met that challenge head-on and succeeded in implementing a system on time and on budget. 
Our criteria were that the solution must be: easy to use, adopted by all users, training must be provided for each team and country, management must be able to easily generate the reports they required, and our finance and other teams could pull the data they need.  Motii succeeded in all areas." Cathy Mead, Destination Asia




Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

Serial successful start-up Founder, and former C-level executive, Ben understands that data and systems are what makes everything tick.

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Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

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Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

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