How not having a CRM can negatively impact your business

How not having a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can negatively impact your business

In this article, we discuss how the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, particularly Pipedrive CRM, is one of the top tools that your small business can implement and leverage to scale up your business and obtain incredible growth. Without this essential software, you run the risk of your business losing out big. Here are just a few of the many ways not having a CRM system can negatively affect your business. 


Lack of Visibility

Without a CRM, it can be challenging to get a complete picture of your customer interactions and sales pipeline. This lack of visibility can lead to missed opportunities and a lack of insight into your customers' needs–ultimately leading to missed deals and missed sales.

But not just any CRM will do–Pipedrive stands above the rest. That’s why it was voted as the most easy-to-use CRM, again. Pipedrive CRM wins this accolade repeatedly because it really is incredibly intuitive. With its focus on visibility, Pipedrive users can easily customise their sales pipeline, set up deal stages, and track the progress of their deals. The simple, drag-and-drop, highly visual interface tracks deals and activities from the initial contact stage all the way to the closing stage. The result: you are always on top of where you stand with every client.


Inefficient Processes

A lack of centralised data and standardised processes can result in time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry, duplicated effort, and inconsistent communication with customers. This inefficiency can lead to reduced productivity, increased costs, and customer dissatisfaction.

One of the key advantages of using and deploying a CRM is that all of your client data is in one place. This allows for each one of these issues to be corrected. 


If that sounds like too much work, don’t worry–you’re not alone. As one of Pipedrive’s regional partners of the year, Motti is uniquely able to help you transform into a high-performing sales team. Motti, an Elite-level Pipedrive partner, is someone you can trust and turn to for deep CRM system customization and tailored training.


Difficulty in tracking and measuring success

There are two options: either your sales and marketing processes are working to help you close clients, or they are failing to do so. How do you know exactly which part of your sales and marketing process is leading to your success, or failure? 

Imagine if you could pinpoint exactly which part of your sales and marketing process is helping you acquire leads, or convert leads into clients. This is exactly how a CRM like Pipedrive can help you. 

Without a CRM like Pipedrive, it can be difficult to track and measure the success of your sales and marketing efforts–especially when you’re trying to do it on your own. You won’t be able to discover any insights as to what's working and what's not, which can hinder your ability to make data-driven decisions and optimise your business processes.


Poor customer experience

One of the most challenging aspects of running a business–of any size–is to provide personalised, timely, and relevant communication to customers. Despite every effort on your part to ensure excellent client communication, sometimes you simply do not have the resources on your own. Lack of attention to the client and their needs can really hurt your business. A poor customer experience will almost certainly negatively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This is where a CRM like Pipedrive can help. Pipedrive allows you to create and utilise a library of email templates that can be personalised for your clients, like in the example below. This results in timely, personalised communication, which can strengthen your bond with the client, and keep them coming back to your business.



Missed sales opportunities

Without a centralised system for managing your sales pipeline, it's easy to miss opportunities to follow up with leads and close deals. Relying on memory alone (or a horribly formatted Excel spreadsheet) can lead to missed sales opportunities and revenue.

Pipedrive allows you to see exactly where you are in your sales process with every lead, in a visually appealing and user-friendly format. See how, in the image below, clients are divided in groups by where they are in the sales process, along with the actionables needed to get them to the next stage in the sales pipeline. Closing deals with your clients becomes much easier when you know exactly what you need to get there.



If this all looks like too much, don’t worry. An expert, trusted Pipedrive partner like Motii can help you customise this tool as per your sales process, helping you close even more clients.



Overall, not having a CRM can result in your business losing out bigtime. Your business could suffer from missed opportunities, inefficient processes, a poor customer experience, and decreased revenue. Implementing a CRM such as Pipedrive can help to address these challenges and provide significant benefits for your business.

But that’s not all. Your business would also benefit from having an expert manage your CRM–this allows you to get the most out of your CRM so that you can do what you need to do: run your business.

‍Motii is a Pipedrive Elite partner in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. We offer CRM, project management, marketing automation, and telephone setup and training. Contact us today to begin transforming your consulting firm with industry experts. 

Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

Serial successful start-up Founder, and former C-level executive, Ben understands that data and systems are what makes everything tick.

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Co-founder at Motii

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