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Real Estate Industry Experts

Motii’s consultants are Pipedrive Real Estate Industry experts. We bring years of personal property industry involvement, plus our experience as Pipedrive Elite Partners, to assist you in creating processes that work for you.

In addition to our specialist real estate knowledge, we provide custom reports tailored to the real estate sector.

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Experts in Pipedrive and specialists in real estate,

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To properly manage your real estate business using Pipedrive, there is only one way to set up the system 

When setting up Pipedrive for the real estate industry, you need to do it in a particular way. By creating your listings as Organisations in Pipedrive, you can easily link buyers to properties and ensure that your reporting makes sense. 

But to get your reporting right, you also need to use Activities correctly. Imagine never again having to rush on a Friday afternoon to deliver a vendor report. Motii's automatic reporting sends your vendor reports directly to your vendors and developers. When it comes to reporting for real estate, we understand what you want and when you want it. Save time with Motii's automated real estate industry reports and Open Home forms. 

Pipedrive - the world's easiest to use CRM - is perfect for the real estate industry. Check out our cases studies 

Integrate SMS and call services with Pipedrive. Set up your real estate business so that you never miss a call 

Send enquiries directly from real estate portals into Pipedrive. Motii has integrations with realestate.com.au, Zillow, Domain + more  

Use Autopilot and Pipedrive to better target buyers, vendors, agents and developers. Real estate made easier

Motii's customised reports are designed for the real estate industry. We provide both project and residential listing vendor reports


Pipedrive real estate CRM

Motii’s consultants are Pipedrive and business automation experts. We will help your company set up the Pipedrive CRM system for real estate. Pipedrive must be set up in a specific way, and Motii is here to help you fine-tune that process. We also work with the major real estate portals like zillow.com, domain.com.au and realestate.com.au to introduce automations, ensuring your leads go straight into your Pipedrive real estate CRM without any double-handling.


We provide guidance on how to set up a real estate CRM and how to use it successfully. We also provide our custom reports designed specifically for Pipedrive and real estate. 


We are the only Pipedrive Elite Partner in the Asia Pacific region and we pride ourselves on our Pipedrive knowledge and superior levels of service.

We are a small team working closely with Pipedrive to constantly improve the Pipedrive real estate experience. In addition to our in-depth understanding of both real estate and Pipedrive, we also know the importance of great communication and constant innovation. 


We have offices in Australia and Southeast Asia, and we assist real estate agents and agencies in Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada and the USA.  

Why Pipedrive and real estate? 

Tired of real estate CRMs that are 20 years old? 

In real estate time is money 

Motii knows how important it is that everything works fast

Import your old data into Pipedrive 

Customise your pipelines for your real estate business

Rely on Motii to provide automated real estate vendor reports  

We provide training videos and a manual for you and your team - easy! 


Digital signing, reports + more

Pipedrive is regularly upgrading and adding new features. Motii knows how to adapt these features to the real estate industry. With new features arriving monthly, you'll always have the latest and greatest real estate CRM. Join Motii and receive our monthly real estate specific newsletters covering Pipedrive and real estate. 

Know more sooner

Avoid features that don't help real estate

We adapt Pipedrive's features to real estate

We do the product testing and analysis


Work smarter, not harder

Pipedrive CRM is the world's leading CRM and is easily adapted for real estate. Motii will help you set up your system and maintain data integrity. No matter which buyer, vendor, developer, agency, agent or lawyer you need to find, Pipedrive makes it easy. 

Integrate Pipedrive with your other systems 

Works with phone, SMS and many marketing platforms 

Send emails and SMS with ease and at the right time

Sell more by easily increasing your conversion rates

Motii works with real estate agents and developers from around the world

No matter whether you're a property developer, assisted living community manager, independent real estate agent, project specialist or real estate chain, Motii will help you set up your Pipedrive system and make life easier for you and your team.

From Spain to The Netherlands, Colorado to Canada, Australia and all throughout Asia - Motii Pipedrive for real estate is here to make your selling life a pleasure... and profitable! 

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